IPod Spinning Vinyl

[vimeo 4353898]

Here’s a quick demo that FAT’s [Theo Watson] put together. It uses the iPod’s accelerometer to measure how fast it’s spinning and plays the sound file accordingly. This only works on the iPod touch 2nd gen because of its curved case. He says scratching is coming next, but currently the app doesn’t know which direction it’s spinning since it’s measuring outward force. This project was done in response to [vanderlin]’s AR scratching that used fiducials on records.

18 thoughts on “IPod Spinning Vinyl

  1. @fujifan: Well it does have bluetooth sound. Could hook it up to a computer or a special adapter

    I just wonder what it will take for someone to create a holder for this thing so that it is motorized spinning. then you can grab the ipod and scratch with it when they add that function.

  2. Peter Carl Goldmark (1906-1977)
    Invented:The LP record.
    “I was at a party listening to Brahms being played by the great Horowitz. Suddenly there was a click. The most horrible sound man ever invented, right in the middle of the music. Somebody rushed to change records. The mood was broken.”

  3. Finder, you are quite right. That is why they are having trouble adding the scratch effect. It measures the outward force on the ipod caused by spinning rather than the lateral force in the direction of spinning.

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