IPhone Controlled TV Lift


[William] sent in this project where he’s using his iPhone to control his TV lift. He’s made a custom PCB with a pic18f122 microprocessor to communicate with the lift. He says it connects to the lift controls via a serial port.  You can see a video of it in action after the break. We really think the shadow turning into an arrow is cool. That was a lucky accident.


14 thoughts on “IPhone Controlled TV Lift

  1. During one of my breaks at work there is a program on the tv where people buy houses at auction and do them up.

    Often the presenter wanders around the just purchased house taking the piss out of the soon to be gone 70s era decoration. I always wonder how the horrid patterned wall paper and bizarre colours didn’t look tacky as hell back in the 70s.

    I guess now I know, it looked just as horrid back then. I can’t even watch that tv go up and down without cringing.

  2. @ John Berube
    we don’t, it’s not about who can post first, it’s all about the article. we have higher brain functions which take us beyond the “oh, i get to post here first” mentality. people like that don’t even care about the article. posting first doesn’t make you better than anyone else, it just makes you faster, and faster isn’t always a good thing. ;P

  3. now that i got that off my chest, cool idea, it would be even cooler if you had a rotational tv mount with a servo in the base, control that with the positional control from the iphone. or a track mount tv that followed you around.

  4. The controller board is cool, but I don’t see the point of a “TV lift” in the first place. I had to watch the video to even know what the hell it was. (And that “Lift-Tech” website was the the most hideous thing in the world!)

  5. why do you need tv lift ? I wold understand this 10 years ago when tv was huge and bulky but now, just hang it on the wall, there is now photo frame or painting lift, is there ?

  6. Я, хоть и не ваш постоянный читатель, но всё же скажу свое мнение. На ваш сайт попал случайно. Однако нашел много чего нового и интересного. Так что, как говорится, ПЕШЫ ИСЧО :)

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