Nove Bit: A 9 Bit Memory Recorder


Nove Bit looks like a pretty cool toy. You press sequences into the 9 buttons and it plays them back. We think it would be cool to play with. The artist [Nick Hardeman] states that the project is to allow you to save memories in 9 bit configuration instead of the traditional 8 bit computer method. Why don’t artists just say they did it because it looks cool? We want one of these, but We really think that recording our memories has nothing to do with it. You can see a video of it working after the break.


16 thoughts on “Nove Bit: A 9 Bit Memory Recorder

  1. Another really cool project controlled by the Arduino… This one also uses the TLC 5940 controller.

    Can this one get tagged arduino hacks ?

    The link that he has to hook the arduino to the TLC 5940 is excellent!

    Of course, getting the source and schematic for this project would be sweet as well!

  2. Would be a nice bit of wall art, you can be creative and think of a new pattern whenever you want, and have an interesting conversation piece.

    |_|0|_| |0|_|0| |_|_|0| |0|_|_|
    |_|_|0| |_|0|0| |0|_|0| |_|0|0|
    |0|0|0| |_|0|_| |_|0|0| |0|0|_|

  3. He says “to store a users memory…” both to be descriptive to the public/art community and because almost all artists are looking for security through their artist statements, which is a horrible trend in art lately, because that is what the art community asks of artists. Nothing in allowed to “look cool” any more with out some other “thought or reason” that is “interesting”…

    …but I’m a disgruntled artist who hasn’t made anything in while… soooo… yeah.
    *shakes fist*

  4. Am I the only one who finds this completely inane? I love the idea of artists using electronics design as a medium for expression, but this is neither creative nor remotely interesting… just kind of gimmicky. The fart chair was much better!

  5. dp:
    No… you’re not… but I have a love/hate relationship with electronic devices and DIY tech.. I love this DIY thing, but I am hating the ease of electronics; it’s simple to make some thing simple look more complex than it really is. I have done the same for projects I have worked on… my thoughts are that he did a fairly good implementation, but that is the interesting part; the rest is generally unimportant and on whole it’s not a terribly interesting project.
    Of course, an other thing to remember is that opinions really are meaningless if the artist is satisfied with their own work (and isn’t relying on sales to make money.)

  6. “Can this one get tagged arduino hacks ? ”

    Can it get tagged “not a hack” instead?

    Doing something you’re supposed to with off-the-shelf processors and electronic components and programming them to do what they’re supposed to isn’t a hack.

  7. Funny. I’m currently building a Pentago clone from clay and was wondering what I could do with these 3×3 quadrants or the whole 6×6 matrix, respectively, apart from stop motion animations and, well, playing the game. :)

    PS: I’m aware that this blog post is more than three years old already… ;)

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