Home Made R/C System


[dunk] sent his home made Radio Control system. It is constructed from a Playstation 2 controller, an Atmega 2561, microcontroller, some RF modules and various servos and motors. It seems to work pretty well. You can get all the schematics and source code on his site. Several people have submitted a similar project which involves an iPhone and a helicopter, but that one is a bit dubious, mainly due to it’s lack of detail.

Nove Bit: A 9 Bit Memory Recorder


Nove Bit looks like a pretty cool toy. You press sequences into the 9 buttons and it plays them back. We think it would be cool to play with. The artist [Nick Hardeman] states that the project is to allow you to save memories in 9 bit configuration instead of the traditional 8 bit computer method. Why don’t artists just say they did it because it looks cool? We want one of these, but We really think that recording our memories has nothing to do with it. You can see a video of it working after the break.

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Roomba With Dustpan Style Grasper


Remember El-E, the service robot that would retrieve things that you spotted with a laser? The creators of El-E are doing research into other methods of making assistance robots. Their latest contraption is an iRobot Create, basically a  Roomba, with a custom grasping hand. Instead of complex multi DOF assemblies, they have made something that works on the same principle as a dustpan. It has a thin wedge and a sweeping arm that loads items onto it. As you can see in the video, it is quite effective.

[thanks Travis]