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[dunk] sent his home made Radio Control system. It is constructed from a Playstation 2 controller, an Atmega 2561, microcontroller, some RF modules and various servos and motors. It seems to work pretty well. You can get all the schematics and source code on his site. Several people have submitted a similar project which involves an iPhone and a helicopter, but that one is a bit dubious, mainly due to it’s lack of detail.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to start working with microcontrollers for wireless purposes for a while now, but I really dont know where to start.

    I’d like to put together a cheap FM transmitter/reciever (or bluetooth if cheap enough) solution to add a remote lock system to my car.

    I’m familiar with c++ and could learn c# easy enough, but I dont really know how to work with programmable microcontrollers.

    If anyone wants to help, please email me at audrino [at] quantumrand.net


  2. This is cool, seems like a pretty clean implementation.


    You should look into Cypress microcontrollers.
    (That is also what he uses in the video)
    They have lots of different chips, bluetooth radios on chips half the size of my little finger nail. But what they have is an IDE that will help you a lot, I was used to sitting around setting up my µC for hours and trolling the internet for drivers to LCD’s, motors etc. they have all these build in.

    So get a development-kit, and buy a licence for their C compiler, its like $15 or so…you can also go Assembler thats free, but I dont like that, to low level.

  3. @ QuantumRand
    General microcontroller embedded programming, interfacing with electronics? Try Arduino. Look it up. You can get cheap kits, sometimes pre-assembled, and there are many hardware clones. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to get started.

    This project uses an AVR microcontroller, which is cheap and fairly easy. It uses a Cypress radio transceiver, not a Cypress microcontroller.

    I’m currently looking to expand to direct AVR programming. I need a cheap ISP programmer. Apparently one can build a parallel port one with nothing more than 4 resistors (and the connectors), so I’ll be looking to do that :)

  4. @ QuantumRand
    Good rule of thumb: If you ask for info in a public forum, expect to get answered in that forum.

    Anyway, get an Arduino (or similar, I have a Freeduino), get the Arduino IDE, and look at the examples given. Prototype shield + breadboard helps.

  5. Be sure to check the other page dunk made, http://sites.google.com/site/mrdunk/interfacing-cypress-cyrf6936-to-avr-microcontrollers

    I’m the other guy in the rcgroups thread who’s working on the arduino library, which is nearly finished. IMO, it’s a good alternative to xbee modules because of the price, although the xbee does have some nice extra features to it. The only annoying part is the 2×6 2mm pitch header on the modules, but I’m hoping to get a small arduino board designed for it eventually.

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