WiNet, Wireless Arduino Touchscreen


Liquidware has put together an interesting kit called the WiNet. It has a battery powered touchscreen controlled by an Arduino. Using an XBee shield, it can send commands to a paired XBee and Arduino attached to a computer. The computer can also update the touchscreen display. This is demoed in the video below. It’s a unique interface, but the TouchShield alone costs $174 so we’re guessing you’re going to be pretty damn confident in your project before you go this route.


20 thoughts on “WiNet, Wireless Arduino Touchscreen

  1. so it has an arduino/ touchscreen / xbee exactly why, heh do as the previous comment suggests and use a cell phone or get a DS. but if you have no clue then i suppose this is a great deal.

  2. Used/old PDAs can be found at flea markets for cheap. I bought a Palm m125 (original price $299) for $1 two weeks ago.No WiFi or Bluetooth but it has SD card and touch screen, serial port.
    I also bought a GameCube ethernet port for a few dollars at Game Stop.
    I always look in these places.


  3. Some of you are missing the point. Sure, he could have bought similar hardware, but instead, he made it! I think it’s pretty awesome. Although perhaps not the best solution to a problem, it’s certainly a really neat thing to do.

  4. Lotta hate in here. I like to go outside between hacks, you know? get some sun? Take in life? It’s rough hating 9 to 5, 5 days a week. Just nice to take a break, it puts things in perspective.

  5. Things like the Audrino and the XBee are great for messing around with and learning about microcontrollers and electronics, but why do people feel the urge to put things like this into final projects? The idea is to learn on hardware like that, and then apply the knowledge to make cool or useful things with “real” electronics. Things like this are far too expensive, bulky, and underpowered to be used for anything but experimentation. If you want to actually make something practical, you’re going to have to break from your cute little hobbyist boards and get your hands dirty with real microcontroller chips and wireless chipsets.

  6. for me it is easy even for my mum to buy sheilds put them on, copy and paste code from libraries on the internet, and add 2 or 3 lines to send A and B…
    nothing interesting, congratulations for having bucks thats all

  7. Oh I see.

    so if you have access to cool hardware you shouldn’t bother to experiment with it or share those experiments online.


    thanks, peanut gallery.
    good thing you’re here.

  8. What a big pile of ass holes! If you are all such geniuses, then make something and your work will get posted here. then all of us idiots who think this is a cool hack will see what a god you are and we’ll bow before you. until then, stop crapping all over my internet.

  9. and if you’re having trouble figuring out the point of this hack, he’s make a proof of concept. obviously sending a lot of a’s and b’s to your computer isn’t very exciting, but he’s proved that he can build a touch screen remote and the next step is to make it do something cool like control xbmc or something.

    seriously people, lets spend less time one handed typing hate comments and go make something.

  10. The dude’s reinvented the wheel. People have been adding cellphone screens to mice, keyboards forever. If it was cheap and simple, this would rock, but it isn’t.

  11. Eric. I’m one of those assholes.
    1) we don’t waste our precious time superfluously documenting trite stepping stones of our progress.(most of these “hacks” are things that i have done in a blown-out-the-ass method to reach my next step. The project gets tossed in to a box to be raped or laughed at later. NOT DOCUMENTED. and sure as hell NOT PRODUCED.

    2)Just because it is made does not mean it will be posted here.(knee pads are a prerequisite)

    3) Understand that those of us who are bitching have seen this so many times from numerous angles that it has become disgusting and perverted to extreme extents.

    Here is one of my projects which lacks everything but photos. The only reason i have uploaded some of the photots is to share with some friends who have moved away. *memorabilia from 5 years ago*

    If i were to attempt to perform a complete write up on all the projects i have done it would take me a few years. We don’t run out and ask for reach overs every time we tin our soldering irons (great, guess what the next rave will be)

    rant to be continued elsewhere..

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