10 thoughts on “130 Megapixel Scanner Cam Update

  1. I think there’s something wrong with my eyes… The picture looks weird. It’s like it the light coming from it is grouped into location by similar wavelengths… Somebody help me.

  2. anyone know of a list of scanners with the smaller 4×6 ccd sensor that you can actually get? this looks like a fun project and i have a few medium format and large format lenses that i would love to try this out on.

  3. You know if you take a normal 10MP camera with manual control and remove the lens you only have to move it a few times,(say 3 or 4) the width of its sensor horizontal and vertical behind a central lens to get the same resolution.
    Not quite the same but perhaps an alternative to play with, and much quicker I’d think since moving 9 positions for example should go quick.
    And then you can use panorama stitching standard software to compile the complete image so even if it’s not perfectly aligned the software can fix it.

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