10 thoughts on “LED Bottle Wall

  1. I really like the wall. 1200 bottles of beer on the wall, 1200 bottles of beer….

    Seriously, this would be a cool thing to have in a bar. Especially if you could keep them refrigerated in there.

  2. Are you people stupid? It clearly states in the article’s content.

    “Here are two new projects from [Alex Beim] at Tangible Interactions.”

    You might also wish to notice that the videos are both by Alex Biem.

  3. m. t0ast, by altering the proportions of current going through each discrete part of an RGB LED, one can tune it to any desired hue. For instance, only lighting the red and green portions of an rgb led will give an amber sort of color.

  4. Oh! that makes sense. I didnt think about RGB being primary colors.


    I would love to see more info on this project, or does anyone have info on something similar?

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