Homemade Toroid Winder

[eclipsed78], built an automatic toroid winder (Internet Archive). The drum splits in order to load the toroid. Then wire is wound on the drum, much like any other coil would be wound. The drum rotates as a slider pulls the wire off the drum, while revolving in and out of the toroid. A side tension keeps the slack out of the wire during operation. The winding coil is stepped as the drum rotates, in order to control the turns ratio. [eclipsed78] created a stepper driver from a schematic, so he could drive the motors. You can watch the winder in operation  as a series of videos. The first of which is embedded below. If you have ever needed to wind a massive toroidal transformer, this is the project for you.


17 thoughts on “Homemade Toroid Winder

  1. Nice project. I could have used something like this years ago when I was into high-power smps. The next trick will be to make it a bit smaller.

    I don’t know why you think it’s retarded, mahder.

  2. I’d like this a lot better if the camera work didn’t make me sick to my stomach. As it is, I can’t ‘quite’ figure out how he’s doing this. Shaky footage of the machine in action is no substitute for a diagram and explanation of the process.

    It looks like great work, though.

  3. Unwinding a little spool of wire like that isn’t a big deal… but doing it that way with a 2LB or 5LB spool of wire and you will stretch it out of spec or break the wire. Luckily most spools of wire are meant to be un-wound from the end… meaning you can set the large spool vertical and run the wire up to your device / tensioner.

  4. heh… found this on that forum… “if you don’t think a one world government is being planned covertly, by powerful special interest groups i pray that you’ll open your eyes. the proof is everywhere.”
    I love those places… they are magically delicious

  5. It may have been a good idea to embed one of the videos that actually show the device WORKING, and actually winding a coil, not the video that just shows it spooling some wire onto a drum.

  6. i don’t quite understand how someone can build an automatic toroidal winding machine but not be able to figure out how to hold a camera steady or have it be close to being in focus.

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