Magic Lantern For Canon 5D


[Trammell] has released a new firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR geared toward film makers. The stock firmware was very limited on the audio side. This firmware adds features such as live VU meters, reduced audio noise, and crop marks for filming in different formats. The firmware is written in a manner that it can be extended fairly easily. Hopefully this will turn out to be as helpful as CHDK has been for point and shoot cameras.

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  1. @brad neah they usually don’t do that..there was someone at luminous landcaspe that stated that he got a response that suggested that scripts are allowed and they did fix his camera for free(non chdk related problem) ..for them this is free research that they can benefit from..otherwise they would have closed the digic platform via firmware or hardware by now

  2. And it would be nice to see the ability to use iso50 in video mode, basically a 1 stop ND filter. By the way I know nothing about the canon firmware so great job doing what you already have.

  3. “Breaking the camera is not an issue. There is nothing permanent about this “firmware” it latches on the side of the Canon firmware and needs to be loaded every time you boot the camera, however you can set it to auto load. The actual files reside on your CF card and can be trashed in case you need work done
    I’ve been using it for about 2 years and it hasn’t failed me yet. Im currently using FW 2.0.9 from Canon and loading AJ5.9 on top of it. This release is very stable compared to the older versions and i hear that 2 major releases are going to be merging….so it can only get better. If they stop distributing it…I have multiple copies. They wont stop me from using it.

  4. By the way…the both pieces part is a joke….and this video was made when the firmware was first in beta and you had to be brave to try it. Do a search and find out how many people own 5d’s and t2i’s and you will find that no one has any problems that aren’t solved by shutting the camera off and pulling the battery.

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