Lexlrie is basically a feed display. It can connect to twitter, facebook and we feel fine for its updates. What makes this project different is that it is supposed to alter its lighting based on the mood of the updates. The system looks for words like “better” and “sorry” and displays color patterns based on those. We have no idea what “better” should look like, but it’s a cool idea. You can get more details of its construction here. This project vaguely reminds of Pulse, which intended to show the emotion of blogger.com updates.

11 thoughts on “Lexlrie

  1. “That bastard(/bitch) keeps making excuses, this had better be good.”
    False positive! Your hopes of a nice message are dashed on the bitter rocks of someone else’s relationship.

  2. This device is really cool! Where can I buy one? I love how the colors change according to the mood. It seems more like a piece of art, I want one in my office. Might keep me entertained at work!

  3. (from the designer)

    @caleb – Thanks for posting this

    @junjester – The case is what I found at a department store, it fit the display perfectly and I liked the brushed metal. If you look at some of the photos, the electronics take up about half of the space inside it and even then it was tough fitting it all in.

    @vash_sin I’ve thought about making it wireless and portable as well, let me know if you attempt anything.

    @bryan The song is “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

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