Willow Garage’s PR2 robot

We would like you to meet PR2. Made by Willow Garage, PR2 is a platform for research into robotic programming.  The bot itself is simple compared to some of the humanoid bots we see, but its behavior is quite complex. In the video above, you see PR2 completing milestone 2 of its development. This includes navigating an office with closed doors and plugging itself into a standard wall outlet for a charge.  We’re especially fond of the “wiggle”. You can hear some of the developers talk more about PR2 and its completion of milestone 2 in the video after the break.

[via BotJunkie]

14 thoughts on “Willow Garage’s PR2 robot

  1. Great, something other than my kids and my cat that is going to interrupt my love making session at night to charge itself. Let’s hope it’ll find the right outlet: “Honey what’s that”, “what? it is not me”

  2. @nave.notnilc: unfortunately, milestone 3 is when they teach it to build more of itself, and milestone 4 is when it learns to wield weapons.

    milestone 5 we all die.

  3. Actually milestone 5 is “get struck by lightning causing a morality routine to become active and begin quest to protect its favorite humans while eliminating the other robots from milestone 3” Milestone 6 is to get slagged by aforementioned robots, milestone 7 is we all die. But that doesn’t happen until at least the third sequel.

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