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This tiny bot wants to go inside your body. That’s right, it was designed to travel through veins. The little bot has no on board propulsion system. It is controlled by a magnet outside the body. See those little spines? Those straighten out to keep the bot in place when it isn’t supposed to move.  Creepy right? In all the articles we’ve seen on this bot, there aren’t any details about what actually is on board. They mention adding a camera in the near future, but why are they calling it a robot? Surely there’s something cool in that little body. This is a quite practical application of a project we covered recently. Commenters weren’t impressed with the external control system, likening it to the old vibrating football player game. Well, here’s where it could be usefull.

28 thoughts on “Tiny Medical Bot

  1. Sounds creepy. What are the chances it gets stuck where it shouldn’t? Or ruptures sensitive tissue? How will they get it in? It’ll probably involve a really large needle for it to fit through. *shudder* I hate needles.

    Oh and… how will they get it out? I suppose they can design it to break apart into even smaller bits and be absorbed by the kidneys for you to piss out. *shudder*

  2. Even your normal under the skin ID implant in dogs gives a percentage of them tumors (that data is kept out of the news as much as possible), and those don’t have spikes..

  3. @Jack,

    Good question, I would guess inductive transfer. You could easily power it up with an external coil, as matter a fact it could work two ways, small ammount of current to “prime” the bot for work, charge up internal storage tank, cap or whatever, , then provide a much stronger magnetic field to repel from.

  4. well id perfer a needle over the alternative way of getting it into the body… and i dont mean oral.

    eather way this reminds me of a new device they are working on… its a micro tv that fits INSIDE your EYE… so you can watch tv and no one is the wiser… can you say mad exgirlfirend?

  5. ““usefull”? SPELL. CHECK. Use a recent version of Firefox and you have it built RIGHT INTO THE BROWSER!! Pure, unadulterated LAZINESS!”

    Attack what people say.. now how they say it..

  6. Hmm, what if it was powered by like a little hydro turbine, like if it were to stick onto a blood vessel and allow the blood to travel through it like a small straw, but have a turbine inside, or maybe something like that.

  7. @arthur
    It looks like somehow wordpress suppresses the spell check. I’ve been noticing more and more errors slipping by, most of the time it shows 0 misspelled words (HA). I’ll have to come up with another method.

  8. This ‘robot’ is known as the mark of the beast (666). Go ahead, lol. But, i am afraid it is true. If i am not mistaken, whats onboard is said to be capable of reading 1.6 trillion possoble human calculations per second. In the future they hope to incorporate the ability to make it hold ur caily info…bank account, passport, drivers license and other info.


    L810…of SOS

  9. Capsule cameras have been around for a while, they too have no (or very limited) propulsion systems so i presume are pretty much the same thing as this? Some of them relay the footage in realtime and can be ‘boosted’ in certain directions to allow more freedom of observation.


    I’ve seen the footage from one (and the form factor) and first impression is definitely wow; they’re developing them so they can do other functions asides from just take footage

  10. International passport and offender control
    Pass through the gates and … ping ping ping … serial number registered…
    Every baby will get one.

    Great for population control.

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