15 Ton Robotic Arm + WiiMote


These 15 ton robotic arms can reach 16 meters. Not content to control them by a simple joystick, the team hacked together WiiMote controls for them. Ok, we get it. Everybody loves the Wii.  What is different about using the WiiMote in this scenario? You can see that they are only using the pitch, yaw, and roll. They’re not utilizing the tracking aspects at all. The only difference between the WiiMote and their joystick in this scenario is that the WiiMote connects via bluetooth. Frankly, we just like the fact that people are playing with the robotic arms, WiiMote or not.

14 thoughts on “15 Ton Robotic Arm + WiiMote

  1. Does anybody know the cost difference between the wiimote and the controls made for the roboarm? Because I think it would be funny to spend a bunch of money on the controls then see the office make the arms work off of a kids toy…

  2. “They’re not utilizing the tracking aspects at all.”

    Thats still to come ;) this is an expensive peice of machinery, it makes sense to walk before you run

  3. I agree with the comments about walking before you run. Not knowing much about the original set of controls this might be way wrong, but I am assuming from the video that they were hardwired in someway so you had to be in the control room. With the wiimote you can be fairly close to whatever you are working on and also change your POV while operating.

  4. Why do I want to see these stalking a member of the Chemical Brothers in a music video?

    I love how they are parked on the ground, for safety.

    Now, to connect them to GlaDOS (XKCD needs to pick this up for a comic.)

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