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There are myriad file transfer services on the web. Streamfile tries to set itself apart by providing a unique secure service. Their file upload system is all JavaScript and doesn’t rely on Flash. It uses SSL to secure the file transport. As soon as you start uploading the file, you can hand the link off to your recipient and they can start downloading without waiting for the upload to complete. The free limit is 150MB, but their PRO service allows 2GB files.

[via Download Squad]

16 thoughts on “Streamfile Encrypted File Drop

  1. Sheesh, someone needs to kill this cancer that’s killing the internet.


    This file service looks interesting, I plan to look into it and maybe test it out.

  2. CAUTION: If you check the features, they say that only the Pro version gets “256-bit encryption”. It’s not clear if the free accounts are encrypted at all, but it doesn’t look like it.

  3. free version does _not_ have encryption. (goes over regular http post)

    not using flash doesn’t make it unique – you don’t even have to use JS if you so desire. JS is just used for the progress bar.

    i can see where the streaming aspect could be handy, but frankly browser uploads are too fiddly for uploading stuff bigger than 50mb.

    final review: meh. it is NOT encrypted.

  4. am I the only one using dyndns and scp to transfer files? why would I pay someone to be the middleman when I can send my files encrypted and directly to their destination for free?

  5. Yeah, I understand the need for file storage, but “web transfer”?

    But if I wanted to use this service (not sure why), I would encrypt the file first, send it through the pipe and then decrypt it on arrival. GnuPG works everywhere, afaik.

    Btw, I’d like to know how much they’ve paid Hack-a-day for this advertisement, maybe I’ll starting doing this on my own blog. I just hope people won’t get annoyed :|

  6. icebrain, if you understand file storage, then web transfer isn’t too far off. you can use an off sight storage service, but if you don’t trust them, you can do your own, that’s were web transfer comes into play. I have a connection to my work network i keep the same backup that i have at home. i also use my home network as a backup for my work. if something happens to one network, i have the other one to rebuild from. yeah it’s overkill, but i do sleep better at night.

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