210 LED Lamp


Current fluorescent lamps are great for lighting large areas using very few Watts; however, LEDs are far more efficient at producing light and have less of an impact upon the environment considering there is no mercury within them. [Andrew] sent in his team’s LED florescent bulb. The first revision utilized 87 LEDs, but to increase output the second revision uses 210. The assembly can’t actually be placed in current fluorescent lamp ballasts and must use a 12 volt 1 amp power supply, but perhaps future versions will correct for this. Another problem is the relatively small viewing angle, and while there is a diffuser, we’re wondering if they have any other ideas to spread the light and adjust for the color temperature without reducing output? We wonder how it compares to some of the commercially available LED florescent lamps.

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  1. There’s a lot of extremism here. Which can become either constructive or destructive. DO be ruthless in attack on waste. But be equally extreme in kindness as we educate. “Behaving in a socially uplifting fashion” is subversive! Think it over.. Bashing Vs Creating something? Links to something we might not have been “turned on” to Vs slagging a project over dubious incremental trivia. Post Constructive. Post positive if you can. If you can’t? Speaking for myself- I’d suggest posting the flames to /dev/null

    What do you read Hack a Day for?

    Me? I read this site for things like this project! Which is getting pitched as a group build to CCCKC by ME… More projects like this are good. But??

    “Ad Hominem” Vs “This is why…” should not need a detailed tutorial. Sadly, it seems needful to write up an “Instructable” on “Social Hacks to advance one’s Goals” Mitnick showed some of the toolkit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_Deception

    This LED project’s one sort of Illumination. And it’s a *VERY* good one judged as a standing alone post. Which is as it “should” be. It’s a source of dare we say-enlightenment:)

    Social Hacking’s another. My comments Re: “Behaving in a socially uplifting fashion” seem to be a “Reality Hack” grimly needful lately…

    PERCEPTION is reality. Our words create that perception. for better or worse. Choose wisely…

    We’re perceived by our words online. The creators of this project have done something.Constructive comments are nice. Adding valid information even if it’s directing to a different application is cool -so long as it’s respectful. Trash talking about a project says terabytes more of the trash talker than their target.

    So- if you truly feel that Technology X is better than this 210 diode lamp? Don’t trash your credibility by trash talking the initial post.

  2. If you’re concerned about “wall wart” power loss when the light is not on then that just means you’re on/off switch is on the wrong side of the supply. You need the switch on the high voltage side so that no power passes when it’s off. duh.

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