Android Developer Challenge 2 Open For Submissions


Google has opened up a new Android Developer Challenge for submissions. About $2,000,000 in prize money is available, with $250,000 going to the best overall app. Submissions are due by August 31, leaving about a week to get apps in for judging. Time is short, but the prizes are big. Hopefully we’ll see some exciting things come from the contestants now that the community has grown since the previous ADC in 2008.

[via Phandroid]

4 thoughts on “Android Developer Challenge 2 Open For Submissions

  1. My top 3

    I loved too Head to Head Racer game and Eclosion for the demonstration of how is excellent.

    My favorite is the online multiplayer android and browser based bomberman like game World of Bombs ( ). Even if there was few people connected during ADC2 round 1, and some app crashes, even if it is not present for round 2, I think it has the potential after some bug fixes and improvements to become a must to have on android platform.

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