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Nokia is currently one of the leading phone providers and intends to jump higher on the scale with the Nokia N900 powered by Maemo. But what wasn’t expected was for Nokia to step into the netbook pool. Called the Booklet 3G, it sports 10.1 inch high(er) resolution display with HDMI output. For connectivity you can take your pick of 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. All wrapped up in Windows 7 with a whopping 12 hour battery! However, the problem with all these features is the price tag might eat a hefty hole into your pocket book. That’s not going to stop us from trying to get our hands on one, of course. Anyone have any hacks planned yet?

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  1. @Jakob:
    “Nokia is currently one of the leading phone providers” … in fact, world leading phone manufacturer for a decade or so, 40% market share, sells million+ phones a day. Though minor in the US, where most of Hack a Day crowd probably comes from.

    We’ll want to run OSX on this baby!

  2. annon – I’ve tried moblin and jolicloud – jolicloud is fail, being a bad reskin of UbuntuNBR and moblin has potential but I’m not gonna stump for it until it reaches it, as right now it’s a stubbed toe ahead of jolicloud.

    in regards to the nokia – i’ve been following this slightly and although i’m not in the ‘3g computing’ market, this still looks very competitive. it looks like nokia plans to jump in on the second generation of HD netbooks while they still have a chance – which based on rumors, a $500 price tag would be competitive.

    I’ll wait to see what acer does (that 571 looks tempting sans the vmedia gimmicks). I might be a brand whore, but I know better than to buy the first rendition of any product line.

  3. Nokia – Will cost $1,000 and in the U.S. you will only be able to get it with a thousand year AT&T contract.

    WARNING – Atom processor without hardware virtualization support. This means Windows 7 will not support WinXP compatibility mode!! Immediately install WinXP, Linux and/or xBSD instead (if it will let you).

  4. I run win 7 on my laptop and was p****d when I found no hardware virtualisation features on my cpu (apparently intel didn’t think it was a good idea to put it on there before they released it) thank god vmware runs ok!

  5. Agreed about Win7 scaling — you only need “XP mode” if you have software that doesn’t run right under 7 (almost certainly because the author used stupid hacks when they wrote it).

  6. I just got my Nokia Booklet 3g last night. I love the manufacturing and attention to detail but once again microsoft has managed to fuck with a great product to the point of causing minor post-purchase regret.
    This thing doesn’t run windows 7. It runs Windows 7 STARTER. Which means you are basically bent over and fucked three different ways for no particular reason. What the fuck difference does it make if I change my background or run more than three apps simultaneously!?

    Fuck these idiots. I am desperately downloading linux distros left and right to attempt to run on this thing. 6 days before my winter break trip. I better find a way to make it run properly or I’m filling it with termite and blowing it up on my way out of the building.

  7. i found a way to open the display, just pry around the plastic sheet of the front, in between the rubber band and the sheet, you will start hearing the glue unsticking, pry it around until it comes off (start with a lower corner and go up) you can access the display like that.

    please i want to change the display, i know you can give me an advice on what to look for and how to do so, i dont have much idea, thanks!

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