Single Can Mini Fridge


What looks like a potential WMD, requires a huge power supply, and has several fans and wires dangling off the sides? Why a mini fridge of course! Your cubical buddy at work may have a Perfect Coffee Mug, or a USB powered fridge but it wont be as large of a caliber as [CaptPikel’s]. Little information about it is out thus far, but an Instructable is promised. We do however know that it uses 3 peltier coolers (assumed to be 60watt each) and can cool down to 46F while being underpowered! If only it held just a few more cans.

16 thoughts on “Single Can Mini Fridge

  1. This is stupid.

    Its very inefficient any moron can hook a power supply up to a few peltier coolers. It dosent help me do anything I couldn’t do with a mini fridge next to my computer that would use less power and cool way more drinks and food.

  2. Peltier coolers are neat but they are some power hungry bastards.

    in the past I tried to see if such a system could be scaled up to act as a silent heating/cooling system for surveillance vehicles.

    what i got for my trouble was a nightmare of power consumption.

  3. great humor in the above posts and i am very very proud of the work this guy did. we may need to set up alternative systems for survival soon and this is one more option.
    god bless

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