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The new PS3 Slim has just been released, and ifixit has already posted a teardown. First, they easily removed the included 120GB hard drive, suggesting that upgrading it  shouldn’t be too hard. In order to get inside the cover, however, they needed to use a security Torx screwdriver. In the end, the Blu-ray drive turned out to be the bulkiest component, followed by some surprisingly gigantic fans. Hopefully this means that Sony won’t have to deal with overheating issues.

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23 thoughts on “PS3 Slim Teardown

  1. blu-ray is an encryption bastard, and although I don’t understand it, it’s horrifyingly difficult to enable blu-ray spoofing / playing backup games / etc.

    Considering that the originals could run linux as a feature (clever sony) then there was little interest in hacking it to run custom code, because although the majority of people use homebrew enabled hardware to pirate, most of the people who write the code do it so they can run custom code – which was enabled by default with the old ps3s.

    maybe now that all these features are being taken out the community will finally decide to tackle the blu-ray security and atleast seriously try to produce a homebrew enabled ps3.

  2. Yea for the most part up until recently the xbox360 was able to only play exact backups of games, and that was the extent of things… Now people are getting more into the homebrew and modding games aspects… Took quite a while for it to get this far compared to the original xbox. But that is all due to the security measures implemented by M$

  3. @xrazorwirex

    >because although the majority of
    >people use homebrew enabled hardware
    >to pirate, most of the people who
    >write the code do it so they can run
    >custom code

    What total bollocks. All those shops in China that having been knocking out backup devices since the dawn of gaming haven’t been doing it for the sake of homebrew. This “I’m a security researcher, I must hack something big to prove that my security penis is the biggest!” stuff has only been around for the last couple years. Every time someone writes an article about cracking consoles they always write all this stupid shit about it being for homebrew and liberating hardware (If you buy a wii it’s for wii games right? Why would you buy a wii for running ports of snes emulators?) and totally forget the Chinese bootlegging shops and warez groups that are responsible for the majority of work done on consoles.

  4. Let’s get to work people! In a couple of weeks we should have this thing hacked to be able to install our favorite linux distro and have PS2 compatibility. This is an excellent system to do it on since it has a lower power consumption, runs cooler, and is much quieter. So let’s stop wasting time! Remember: The person who knows how to hack the most stuff wins!

  5. Why can’t we hack PS3? simply because it’s blue-ray idiots Have yous seen how a damn blue-ray disk is made? damn way more complicated than a damn DVD

    Remember of GD-Rom Disk ? ( 99 mins ) i guess not fools. Forget it worst on the slim? lol don’t make me laugh a lot of technology has been removed the awesome chip which made the PS3 so expensive is GONE Not only that but who would like to download a 50G game to copy it on a Blue-ray disk lol will take weeks on torrents. Even if you only copy backups it will take forever and to bypass the dual copyright protection will be a damn hard work It’s almost like a GD-Rom that damn thing needed to have Overburn option and Ilegal CD ( 99 mins ) which i got my hands on but still you need a good CD burner which support Overburn or els you will kill your DVD/CD burner.
    But still we could play DC copied games because of the poor protection it has imagine if it hadn’t that problem It would of been the same as PS3

  6. I would absolutely love to see a GameCube emulator make it onto the ps3 slim, so that i could play all my favorite metroid games:D. and don’t say it’s not possible because ps3 uses power pc architecture and windows uses intel. i got one word Drwine

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