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goodTimes.searchEngine is an experimental set up to display search engine results. Be sure you’re using Firefox or IE, because it isn’t working with chrome right now.  [Gordon] pointed us to it and asked for our feedback. We had a pretty quick list of improvements we would like to see, such as the category changes not popping up in new windows, or the new windows appearing on top for that matter. Or most importantly, a way to transition from the fancy preview window to a new tab or window. We are curious to hear your thoughts on this. What would make it better? Is it even needed? Is he building a tool to fix a problem that isn’t there? With Bing showing some nice new features over google, would something like this be of more use?

18 thoughts on “Experimental Search Engine Display

  1. wow, i like it. It keeps the ads out, it provides a workspace for sorting through the pages you want to quickly sort through, without the time of opening or switching tabs. it would be nice to see a button on the titlebar that could send the window to a tab. otherwise, not a bad idea, which will probably find its niche with multi-touch computing.

  2. the window should know how large your screen is and open the pages in a window, calculated in size to make the best use of screens. (larger windows).

    tabs would be ideal r all those windows too. make it like windows explorer; search on left,tabbed windows on right.

  3. Just an FYI – Yes, GTSE does indeed look like “goatse”, however, the initial “G” was a typo when I first wrote-up the site (there used to be a subdomain dedicated to GTSE). Anyway, it stuck – hence the name. I initially entitled it Double Take Search Engine. After the GUI leaves the beta stage (its current stage), it will be renamed back to Double Take Search Engine.

    Thanks guys for all of the suggestions so far! Most will be implemented hopefully soon.

  4. Hmmm what is it? A browser-in-browser mise en abîme? Why recode in javascript a windowing system if you already are working in one (in all probability)? Maybe I missed something but it could be replaced by opening real browser windows, without the quirks.

    I don’t get the advantage of opening all the links in new windows either, but apparently they made a study and that’s what users want. That’s maybe because I abuse tabs and usually open all the search results I’m interested in in tabs at once and review them afterward, thus avoiding going back to the search page.

  5. the little javascript windows are.. interesting. they don’t remember where I positioned them last either. I would want a different view… search results on the left, then a complete divider from top to bottom (that can be moved left/right) so when I click on a result, it fills the right side of the page, with little tabs at the top, and of course the ability to organize the results, like tile vertically and such. I agree it also needs a way to move a result ‘preview’ to a new tab/window.

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