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Root Labs wrote about ICU64, a Commodore 64 emulator with a couple unusual features. The most special of these is the ability to show the entire working RAM of the system. Each RAM address lights up when accessed. The user can also zoom in or change the values at each address if they want. This sounds complicated, but the demo videos demonstrate the power of these abilities. This would also serve as a great primer on lower-level code’s memory management. Unfortunately [mathfigure], the author of ICU64, hasn’t released this out to the public yet, but should be released soon.

ICU64 has been released!

[thanks to mathfigure for following up with this]

Videos after the jump.



12 thoughts on “C64 Visual Debugger

  1. @erikted- it is funny that you say that. I have been writing an avr emulator in the processing environment based on the atmega168. It has the exact same feature of being able to see all the memory visually at once while the emu is running.

    Small world I guess. I’ll send a link to my project to hackaday when it is up on my new site.

  2. Could it be possible to do something similar for Virtual Box, for example? It could be great to see that for a modern OS. Very interesting how it will work in a multitasking environment, for example :)

  3. I dont do game development. I’m learning 6502 by studying the operating system and experimenting with wedges. The raster window is not useful for me. Is there a way to get rid of it? I tried several views but I dint find one without it. Any suggestions?

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