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On the standard Blackberry Web Browser, there is a fixed file download limit of 2.3MB. Many users avoid this by installing a 3rd party browser (such as Opera Mini, for example), but there is still that bitter taste for having an extra web browser around just to download decently sized files. This limit seems to be imposed by a certain WAP port that the Blackberry is set to use by default, which blocks any file greater than this. Fortunately, [0mie] has found a way to reconfigure the default Blackberry Browser to use a different port without this restriction. Step by step walk through, links to the file required, and screen shots of large file downloads are provided. [0mie] claims that this hack works on a number of different phones and OS versions, and we are sure he would appreciate a wider audience to test this with.

[Note: This hack seems to use a Chinese provider as a proxy, so there may be privacy issues, etc. As always, hack at your own risk.]


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  1. Yeah I think download limits ended after 4.5. My storm running 4.7 downloads 30 meg podcasts without any problems. the 5.0 betas seem to behave in the same way. Only time I havent been able to was with my curve 8330 which ran 4.5 and had the cap.

  2. This is controlled by BIS the blackberry internet service which is basically a proxy to reformat the pages for your blackberry browser which is not capable of reading most website directly – there is also a lot of image compression done on the bis side which speeds up the loading. The Opera browser connects directly to the internet site and downloads the page thus bypassing BIS and this is the reason Opera works and Blackberry internet browser does not… Just use Opera mini

  3. There are hundreds of production backdoor commands and development backdoor commands. They can be easily identified by doing a string search on the actual CODs (little endian).

    Development backdoor commands are disabled on most production devices (RIM branded with a VID of 0x01 is the exception).

  4. this thing completely works.

    just follow the instructions and remember to send your service books afterwards to activate MMS. also register your Host Route Table to enable your emails.

    don’t listen to those scared little pussies above that are cautioning you away from this…its a great little hack

    i download movies and tv shows on the go all the time now

  5. Weird, I think I tried this on my bold 9000 last month and it messed a few things up and the download cap was still there. I don’t have a data plan (Sometimes I use Rogers’ 20 MB day pass, though that is rare), so BIS won’t be a problem…

  6. Guys watch out for this hack!! Had it running on my bold 9700 for a week and suddenly my inbox began filling up with spam mail- to obvious to be a coincidence. Theres definitely security issues/breeches involve in this hack!!!

  7. Chinese BlackBerry (as many other made in China cell phones) has a problematic way to setup Internet access. Usually you should run at least 5-7 forums to find exact settings. Probbaly it’s the only bad point in HP BlackBerry copy (I mean smartphone). All the rest working perfect.

  8. I’ve also tried this hack on my bold 9700-followed instructions carefully.However it does not work,when I choose net browser I can’t even connect to the internet. My carrier is vodafone south africa.Is there any tcp/ip settings to change/set in advanced options? Please advise and help

  9. OK, this is great, but I am from Croatia and I need to now does it work using APN
    Or using APN provider (WAP)?

    I dont need this for large iso files (600 mb) I would use it just to download normal files 50-100mb.

    Because if is not using blackberry APN I will have to pay enormous phone bill. We don’t have flat rate mobile broadband here in Croatia, only surf via BlackberryBrowser (blackberry APN) is free and unlimited.

    If someone could answer me I would appriciated that.
    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi, I am also in Southa Africa and on the Vodacom network. Have followed the instructions religiously but to no avail. I cant even access the internet using the NET BROWSER. Do we in South Africa have to change any settings in TCP/IP ? I still have the 2.1 MB download cap, or maybe the hack stopped working?? Please advise…

  11. @ teguh

    Hi man, I’m using bold 9000 on os .822 now u have to follow the exact step including re-register HRT and delete the MMS service books. I’m sure by now u prolly backed up back to ur prev state. Do not worry. My additional steps were re-registering the HRT a couple of times and a lil BP and keep trying to setup your email (options > setup > email) for 20-30 mins, I got back all my emails.

  12. Am from south africa using cellc
    I tried it and it dident work
    But to. Nite I added a apn (that’s 4 me too know :p)
    But I just downloaded 8mb and then it timedout plus an out in the bush so am sure its aspeed issue.
    Will try again 2nite and get this one mp3 hehehe
    But a apn ip could help resolve the problem bewise ;)

  13. This hack did not work. i could not connect and when i did i still had the same bb download size limit and then had to delete and resend all of my service books back. Thanks for makin me waste half a day of my life..

  14. I got my 9780 recently. I can download large files 60 mb no problem, but as of late I notice my download speed does not go more than 15kb/s. Previously 230kb/s. Anyone know how to fix this?

    1. You could be on 3g or edge network before, but now on gprs which is relatively slow. Go to “mobile network” under network and connection and change it to “3G & 2G”. hope this helps.


  16. yip, the crack worked, one could download 20mb + files, but towards the end of last year some dude in ct got bust raping his available speeds connection, which would of been high.

    the time when i applied the patch, i was living in the bush so the speeds where not that great, vist to jhb the speed was sweet.

    but i advise anyone who wishes to take this, dont waste your time with blackberry.

    get a android phone, root it, and do as you wish.
    at least you’ll have access to linux flavor which you can really play with.

    dont waste your time with blackberry……..

  17. I have been using BB9780.Since a last month whenever my hand held restarts it shows error Exception UUID.but since that day I can download movies approxinmately upto 1 GB (dont know how much limit) daily at speed around 45kb/ for one movie approximately 600 mb can be done in 3-3.5 hrs.I love not to fix this problem first time….ha ha ha..

  18. I think UC Browser should solve a problem here, have u tried to consider that? I really don’t like altering some configurations on my phone…I’ll just like to have a good downloader that can download as high as possible…nux downloader is not working well…net turtle tried…but I need better one

  19. Hey DJ, i got kind the same “problem” I used the Alt SBEB command in the service books and then sent a register now message and got unlimited BIS, i have a year like this without even adding credit to my phone (im a prepaid user, have to buy prepaid cards) in a year and still have the service in ALL the apps, except for the youtube, seems like streaming doesnt work with this “problem” jajaja, but i also think its the sim card, cause if i change it to another BB it gets the service and the other bb doesnt keep the configurations o.O

  20. I’m also using a BB 9810 on Vodacom in south africa and I would really like to remove the download limit as they throttle the download speed after about 2gb of downloading. I now download at 7kb/s on 3G..please do help!

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