Lubuntu 9.10 Alpha Image Available


The alpha version of Lubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is now publicly availabile. The project brings together Ubuntu and LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. This combination makes for a lighter version of the most popular Linux distribution. Both Xubuntu (which utilizes the Xfce desktop) and Lubuntu are meant to run well on lower resource computers such as netbooks. With the ISO smaller than 400mb and using quite a bit less system resources Lubuntu looks promising.

Right now it looks like the original backup ISO link is down.  If you can’t wait, try this torrent.

[via Softpedia]

17 thoughts on “Lubuntu 9.10 Alpha Image Available

  1. I currently use Xubuntu, but I have been recently tempted to switch to the XFCE version of Mint (because everything works out of the box, including flash). I still want to give this a spin though.

  2. Looks promising, but I’m extremely pleased with Back Track 4 Final on my gateway netbook, with modified drivers for the bcm43xx chipset with packet injection working awesome as well as monitoring mode.

    Was a headache to configure, but when up and running it is truly satisfying.

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