Hack A Day Turns 5


September 5th marks the fifth anniversary of Hack a Day. We hope you’ve had as much fun hacking, reading, and sending us stories as we’ve had sharing them with everyone.

Whether you destroyed your hard drives or built your own web server we tried to keep things interesting over the past year. It was easy at times because of cool parking meter hacks, great advances in the world of hackintosh, and steam powered pleasure devices. But we couldn’t have done any of it without you. So keep reading, don’t forget to send us your hacks, and we’ll serve up the latest and juciest as we find it. We thought about putting up a list of the best hacks we’ve covered over the last five years. We’d rather hear what you think, so please leave a comment to let us know what your favorites have been.

18 thoughts on “Hack A Day Turns 5

  1. Well, I first remember seeing this site during fall of 2005 because I had searched for blue boxing and red boxing… it happened to be the first article I read on this site and I think I’ve read nearly every article since.

    Over the years, the ones that have interested me most have been across these ideas:
    -electricity generation
    -electricity regulation
    -repair/reuse tips/ideas
    -security related news
    -“outside the box” thinking
    -historical informational
    -music related (but not “CNC mill” or “Bent” music)
    -anything I had planned or theorized about but had not had time or money to effect in my own time.

    Despite the popularity of an abundance of “hack” news every day, I rather preferred the old “one hack each day” format; I don’t use the internet every day any more and this circumstance makes “catch up” to find the good articles a very time consuming thing which I don’t usually have time for, ultimately ending in losing the morsels I love to read about where others may not be interested.

    Thank you for the years of interesting information!

  2. Hackaday reminds me of the old Edmund Scientific where I might not have a project in mind, but after browsing for a while I’m bound to get some great ideas.

    R.I.P. Edmind Scientific’s retail store.

    ~Viva HACKADAY~ :D :D :D

  3. Congrats on the birthday!

    And what Louis II said. Leave bullshit article flooding to other blogs. One or a couple of posts a day but the posts that are interesting to read. That’s what kept me with Hackaday all these years. This is fading away and it even makes me click “mark all as read” sometimes. Don’t let the next logical step happen. Thanks!

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