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A lot of people like fancy GUIs and nice graphics, but some of us just feel more at home in a command prompt. [nevdull] is one of those people. Instead of just using the Arduino dev tools that are available for download, he wanted the ability to shell into his Arduino, so he created AVR Shell. AVR Shell is a UNIX-like shell that allows you to “log in” to your Arduino/AVR and see what’s really going on; letting you read registers, scale the CPU speed, create/edit/delete variables, and even set up timers. The shell is even user-customizable! Those of you interested in Arduino shells might also check out bitlash, another open source CLI. Someone ought to hook this up to the Internet enabled Furby and get Flite compiled on there, letting us shell into a Furby from miles away to make it talk.

[Thanks Leesam]

18 thoughts on “Arduino Command Interpreter Shell

  1. I wish I could filter out any comment that contained the word ‘arduino’ (yes, i realize I would filter out my own).

    I have zero hate towards the arduino, and it drives me nuts that everything posted here (even totally unrelated) has to get some kind of arduino dig/joke because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

    This seems kinda useful btw fwiw.

  2. This is actually a very cool and unique use of an Arduino. A lot of the more expensive dev boards for other uCs have the ability to attach a debugger, but this gives that feature to the unwashed Arduino masses.

  3. I have an arduino beowolf cluster that has furbys speaking text into a speech recogntion engine running on other arduinos that convert the furby speech into tweets that are activated by hot wheels cars on a chassis built from legos, old hard drives, iphones, and more arduinos.

  4. Hate to give all you Arduino haters a hard time. But the only thing it has related to the arduino is that it run’s on the same chip, The Arduino look’s like a nice Avr Devlopment Board.

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