NES Guitar


[Dave] set out to build the ultimate NES guitar. He’s apparently done a pretty good job, this thing is pretty remarkable. Every detail is covered in NES goodness. The body is a console, the head is a cartridge, his knobs are even replaced by goofy little heads of Mario and friends. We think he should do some custom pixel art inlays in the fretboard next. Skip to about 2:00 to hear him play a Nintendo medley on it.

17 thoughts on “NES Guitar

  1. Nice!…minus the whole defiling of a classic :P. I can’t seem to track down any pictures of the setup, but I wonder exactly how he reinforced this thing. Personally, I would have gone for a HSH or even just dual Humbuckers. It didn’t sound terrible, though it’s hard to tell if the intonation and everything is setup properly. It seems well built, though demonstration isn’t exactly glorifying. PLAY FREEBIRD! Combine this with the gameboy foot pedal for some serious OG thrashing.

  2. Cool, though I was kinda expecting the NES to be bent as well. Case mods are cool when done well, but so much more interesting if they retain (at least some of) their original functions.

  3. I imagine there is actually at very least a 2×4 or similar running through the center of the body. You can see that there is wood coming out that the heel of the neck bolts onto at 2:19.

    Not terribly impressed, to be honest.

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