Drone Lab Brings The Excitement Of Hypnotoad Home


[Peter] tipped us off about his new synthesizer kit, Drone Lab. It has the things we look for a synthesizer: knobs, inputs, switches, wacky sounds. You can get your soldering on with the kit version, or buy these pre-built. Peter bills this as an open source kit but we didn’t see board artwork, just a schematic.

What we didn’t expect is its ability to mimic the Hypnotoad. As seen in the video after the break, the glorious sounds of your favorite television show can now be created in your own home. If you’ve never seen an episode of the Hypnotoad (gasp!) we’ve got that covered after the break as well.


Update: PCB artwork has now been posted just below the schematic.


Drone Lab doing what it does best.


Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

32 thoughts on “Drone Lab Brings The Excitement Of Hypnotoad Home

  1. props to Pete and Chris, of Casperelectronics and Electromagics, respectively. i swung by Casperland the other day and got to play with the new Dronelab – it is extremely awesome. i’m gonna get mine soon!

    p.s. the schematic is on the page linked – just scroll down.

  2. LOL there’s a subliminal hot dog or something snuck into the top right of the video @ 0:44.

    I have to admit, watching the signal on the oscilloscope is much more pleasing than the actual sound produced.

  3. Therian&Drone
    All of the parts in the kit are from Mouser electronics. We offer a kit for those who want it, but encourage people to source parts on their own if they want to save money. The parts list is posted on the site.

  4. Is the picture of the settings beside the Hypnotoad the actual settings for that sequence? If not, please post one of the absolute proper settings for the hypnotoad…ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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