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[Cory Doctorow] has published a novel about the near future and a couple of hackers who can make anything from the stuff lying around. We like a good sci-fi novel, and have no shortage of recommendations (go read Snow Crash) for those who need them. We’re adding ‘Makers’ to our must read list.

Not only is this book about you, but its release most likely agrees with your life philosophy. You can download this book, right now, for free, legally. This is because it has been release under the creative commons license. Best of all, if you like the book and want to make a donation, you are directed to purchase a book on behalf of a school or other program that has requested a copy but doesn’t have the funds to acquire it themselves.

So, buy the book if you want a physical copy, download it if you prefer that method, but either way we think this is better than stealing the printed word.

21 thoughts on “Read About Trash-hackers… For Free

  1. When I was younger I was in a buy/sell shop they had stacks of those old IBM keyboards floor to ceiling. Looking back I wish I had bought a few. They are by far the best keyboard I have ever used. The one I did buy was built before I was born and I continued to use it without fail until I recently switched to a mac.

    The thing I really like about them is they can take a serious beating and keep on ticking.

  2. Snow Crash was great, though it can seem a bit pulpy now that the cyberpunk genre has been so saturated. Diamond Age, the sort of sequel kills off the cyberpunk theme while maintaining the techno future genre. I would highly recommend diamond age.

    Also, any Phillip K. Dick and William Gibson.

  3. @shazzner

    It’s in .txt and .mobi format, which are both supported by Kindle. Perhaps you didn’t scroll down far enough?


    Just for giggles, I must point out your incorrect usage of YOUR. Also, if you were trying to be cute with your name, Hiro is spelled w/o an e at the end. Perhaps its just a coincidence.

  4. I liked Snow Crash to a point, but it lost me somewhere along the way to the end. William Gibson sometimes has the same effect for me, but Neuromancer was one of my all time favorites. I have never heard of this author, but I’m willing to download it and give it a shot. The intro on the download page would have been enough incentive for me. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Forgot the book I was reading when I went out of town this last weekend, and decided that since I could download it for free I wasn’t out anything. Now I am considering either purchasing a copy for myself or for donation. Anyone who reads Hack a Day will understand the message of this book.

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