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Nokia team PUSH is proud to announce they have winners from the contest they held over the past two months. You may remember when we first told you about the competition, but here’s a recap. All you had to do was think of a good hack for the Nokia N900! Winners will receive funding and other resources to make their hack come alive. What possible hacks made the cut?

Haptastic – A compass and map? Not any more with this wearable guide that can lead the way.

KAPingwiththeN900 – Flying high with this aerial photography project

– Bring light graffiti to the N900

Rocket Pocket – Just Bonkers! An N900 in orbit, we love it!

SolderinSkaters – Tony Hawk who? It’s all about Solderin Skaters!

13 thoughts on “PUSH Competition Winners

  1. I agree, I thought the whole point of the competition was “To connect something you love to the N900” So far these seem like fairly poor examples, some don’t connect anything to the N900.

    There was one submission I hoped would do well, and seemed popular in the forum – the Etch-A-Txt, that actually followed the brief and would be cool to see. Check out the entry by Pinter75 here http://tinyurl.com/yg9ls76 Not ground breaking but at least it connected something to the N900.

    Oh well I really want to see the feasibility of a N900 in orbit…. yawn.

  2. @Hackius

    So, without seeing any of the project documentation on what some of these are you feel superior enough to judge them all?


    As one of the winning team members I bow at how much more you obviously understand my project than I do. Apparently custom built bluetooth hardware and software is not enough for your approval… I must not really give a crap at all.

  3. As soon as the project blogs go up it will be out there, and I’ll happily post a link. Shouldn’t be long.

    We’re combining GPS, compass and accelerometers, proximity sensing and a few other things and translating it into intelligible haptic feedback through a series of vibe transducers. We’re using a few unusual materials, but mostly because they’re things we have on hand or things we’ve been wanting to work with.

    The software is where the heavy lifting is. The plan is to make it extentable and hackable and affordable.

  4. @hackius:

    Credit where it’s due: The original idea comes from the University of Osnabrück. That link is to an arduino-based rebuild.

    That’s one of my favorite gadgets, and in fact the first thing I ever used an electronic compass for. It’s a great design and I recommend it as a really fun introduction to haptic gadgetry.

    Really it’s the inspiration (well technically the article from Wired was, because that’s where I first saw it) for my contribution to our team. I was looking at it and thought “What if this could do more than just point north?”

    So, to answer your question? Everything except the ‘mounting motors on a belt’ part.

  5. Please children, don’t argue. Perhaps there is something more to this entry than is available so far? Tough to say, but there must be a reason Nokia chose it as one of the winners.

    I, personally, will reserve judgment until I see the final products.

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