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Starting a new robotics project and want to find the perfect servo for the job? It can be a real pain in butt sometimes. This is where comes in. They’re compiling specifications and reviews on servos. We love seeing these databases pop up. Remember the online chip reference? You simply can not have too much reference material.

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10 thoughts on “Servo Database

  1. As much as I like the idea, the database itself is pretty inaccurate when it comes to servo dimensions. I have bought 2 servos that according to this database would fit perfectly in a DLG model plane, but the height didn’t include the bearing or the horn either :/

  2. @pppd: Did you report this error to the site? This kind of information could help improve the quality of the data on the site. There’s a “report an error” link at the bottom of each page.

  3. nice to see this but i hope it actually becomes something larger. the current servos seem to be for small/rc type projects. I would really like to see some larger robotic style servos that can do 1000+oz/in stuff, also what would be nice is controller type. a lot of smaller servos use sin waves for output on the controller but larger ac servo’s (not all but quite a few) use square waves and require specialized controllers like rutex to actually make them work.

  4. I’m the creator of this site. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    h_2_o – I would like to add some more robotics stuff, but it’s not my expertise. Do you have a few links for manufacturers of the type of servos you want to see?

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