Roombas With UAV Brains Play Pac-Man

[Jack], [Cory], and [Maciej] are playing Pac-Man with Roombas on a lab floor. The Roombas are outfitted with ALIX3d2 single board computers running Gentoo and a software suite developed for UAVs at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles. The hardware and software sections are quite in-depth and make for a good read.

9 thoughts on “Roombas With UAV Brains Play Pac-Man

  1. Ghosts are aware of other ghosts during play… but your Pac-man isn’t aware of the ghosts position when you hit reset.. Right at the very end of your video Pac-man gives the cold shoulder hit to one of the ghosts. If only that were intentional, pac-man would be a badass, but I don’t think it was.

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