Nunk On Droise

Nunk on Droise is an art installation where noise is made depending on how drunk you are. In a configuration that could be called a cthoilet, the sensors shown above are alcohol sensors. Though we initially thought this would be testing urine, the description states that it tests the breath of the participant. Unfortunately there aren’t any schematics or code, though you can see how it is all assembled from the flickr pool. You can also see a video demonstration of the prototype.

23 thoughts on “Nunk On Droise

  1. I’m thinking this device is going to have one or two uses at max before. I’ve never known a drunk person to go to a toilet without making a mess, so I think after the first real drunk person there is going to be so much piss and vomit on/in/around this thing that it’ll never be ‘clean’ again.

  2. @zombie_kicker: It’s a well-known fact that men don’t flip the lid up before pissing, specially when drunk…

    Although as far as I’m concerned I would have built an alcohol detector by measuring the distance between the piss and the toilet bowl.

  3. @maathieu
    That would probably be better.
    Then if it were really far off, (walls or something) you could implement the obnoxious sound and the user would proceed to vomit, presumably in the toilet that he could not piss in.

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