Arduino Development On OpenSolaris

Part of the draw of Arduino development is that it is open-source and cross-platform. It is hard to believe that it took this long but OpenSolaris can be added to the list of operating systems that love to work with Arduino. Although not officially supported, the device drivers for were added in build 113 of the OS and a patched version of the toolchain is available for download.

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22 thoughts on “Arduino Development On OpenSolaris

  1. It’s official:

    Goodbye Arduino-A-Day.

    It’s been a nice few years. I miss Hack-A-Day (May it rest in peace), but when it’s gone – it’s gone, and no amount of hoping will bring it back.

  2. The only thing Arduino is good for is…well, everything. We get it. Stop with the Arduino crap already and post some real hacks. Did someone make a bomb out of a singing gift card? Did someone create cold fusion from a digital plant monitor and some baking soda? Come on HAD, fix yoself.

  3. Oh, come on guys. It’s not HAD’s fault that everyone and their brother uses an Arduino in their new projects nowadays. Like it or not, it’s a really handy little doowhackey when you want a microcontroller in your… whatever. Yes, plenty of people use it when something else would work just as well. Yes, too many people leave a ~$30 arduino in a project when just a tiny45 would do. And yes, sometimes a wad of vacuum tubes would do it better. But if you have an arduino on your desk, and don’t have any tubes, and you’d have to order a tiny45, then you use what you’ve got. Even if it’s overkill. Right?

    @M4CGYV3R, do you really think that if someone did build a bomb from a singing gift card they wouldn’t use an Arduino in it somewhere? I mean I wouldn’t be happy with it either, but it’d still likely have one for the 7seg countdown display, whether we like it or now. Does that mean HAD shouldn’t tell us about it?

  4. i think this post is still relevant to the community. while using a arduino doesn’t make a project a great hack, getting opensolaris running well does! chances are that if you are running this os you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

  5. What a bunch of retarded people.

    Arduinos are there to get the job done, like there
    are (inefficient) high level languages like the ones you may find in .NET, Matlab, etc..

    If sure most of you bitching use at least one of
    those languages instead of doing a optimized program in C with asm inlining. So shut the fuck up and move along.

    Most of you might have x86_64 cpus running windows. Some of those don’t even care to have a 64bit windows. Those running 64bit versions may not know windows is built for generic x86_64, so all those nice AMD/Intel specific instructions your CPU has are wasted.
    My point is that it is much more ridiculous to pay 1 dollar for a microcontroller and waste it in arduinos and paying 200 dollars for a high-end CPU and waste it with operating systems that don’t fully support it.

    So next time you bitch about arduinos, paste your development environment here so we can all laugh at you.

  6. @MrX:

    Nobody is complaining (this time…) about the Arduino as a development platform, the issue is that this is simply not worth putting up on HaD. Getting a device working with a particular OS is not a hack, it barely even qualifies as news.

  7. Why are so many of you haters of the Arduino? I know it shows up a lot here but that is because it is a easy to use development tool. While typing code may not be a “real” hack, it is in the realm of what this site is about. I would rather see a dozen posts about using the Arduino for something then nothing at all because all the hardcore hackers are busy soldering. If you don’t like it, then just skip that post and wait for one that doesn’t use an Arduino. Or better yet, make one of your own.

  8. I think people get pissed at all the Aurdrino crap because it is viral marketing of just one solution base. There are many micros and many development tools but anyone would think the Aurdrino is the only way to go,, it isn’t and to be honest it isn’t half as powerfull as many other dev solutions out there.
    Personally I like to see the backlash it means that everyone hasn’t been completely brainwashed yet.

  9. the large userbase sould not be taken into account for a comparison. shit can have a large userbase – see ms windows…

    arduino is not a bad thing, its just a development environment for avrs.
    what disappoints me is that people use stock arduino boards in their projects instead of designing their own solutions that fit the project. no one would throw an atmel stk-500 into his project O.o

  10. @jesse

    Silly comment. One example ARM cores wipe the floor with any Atmel.
    Microchip PIC is far more viable as a platform, you will find Pic’s in everything from DVR’s to Toasters you will struggle to find anywhere near as many commercial apps with Atmel as they are no where as near cost effective.

    You choose a micro around your application not your application around a micro.

  11. I don’t mind arduinos, but it’s almost like a post goes from “look what I made, it does this this and this, oh and arduino” to “ZOMG ARDUINO, LOOK THIS ONE IS GREEN TEEH HEEEH”

  12. Seriously, whats will all the recent trolls on HAD? So what if Arduino stuff gets posted often? Arduino’s are popular and nothing is going to change that. If you don’t like the content get the crap out and stop wasting HAD’s bandwidth.

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