IntoDream, The ‘portable’ Dreamcast

What looks like an absolute mess of wires,5 fans,3 batteries, and other miscellaneous equipment squeezed into a Tupperware box on the left? At first we didn’t believe it, but it is actually [John’s] fully functioning slick-looking portable Dreamcast on the right. The system runs Quake 3 for a little over 2 hours, not too bad considering it is also powering a VMU, rumble pad, 5 inch LCD screen, and did we mention 5 fans! All in all, it’s still smaller than the original Xbox controller, and we like that one of the greatest consoles is getting some well deserved respect. Check out the work log and a video of it functioning after the break.



30 thoughts on “IntoDream, The ‘portable’ Dreamcast

  1. One of the greatest handheld hacks I’ve ever seen. Of course the case is cluttered, I wouldn’t have even thought it was possible to pack a the motherboard, disk-drive, screen, controller and batteries into such a small case.

    Just amazing.

  2. I would have liked to see the VMU removable as opposed to integrated, there isn’t much storage space on those things, it probably would have been less work for him to do that too.

    also ribbon cables FTW, it’s not like we don’t all have boxes full of old IDEs ribbons laying around.

  3. its funny, John (bacteria) has been banned from both Benheck and modretro for his attitude towards other modders. though i appreciate some of the ideas he has had, his execution is nothing short of terrible. portables held together with duct tape and hot glue are not what i would call quality work.

    and its even funnier how all of these Dreamcast handhelds keep getting missed:

  4. No, Simon, I left Benheck and Modretro of my own accord because of dishonourable people with no sense of decency and regard for other members; it is clear from your post you are one of them; and Doodle too by the looks of it.

    Doodle – you are an idiot – I am not adverting things for sale and have uploaded guides to make the systems too. Don’t be a waste of oxygen. The main portablizer on the net who doesn’t make guides and constantly advertises stuff is BenHeck himself, he makes a living touting his goods; I just do my work purely as a hobby in contrast; what little I sold in the past hasn’t even covered costs, in contrast!

    As to everyone else, thanks for the comments. Yes, it is very tight inside the case, barely got it to shut. Yes, lots of wiring indeed, which is representative of the mountain of time this project took to complete.

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