Fanboys Want To Take AT&T Down

A post about Operation Chokehold popped up on (fake) Steve Jobs’ blog this morning. It seems some folks are just plain tired of AT&T giving excuses about their network. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when AT&T floated the idea of instituting bandwidth limitations for data accounts. Now, someone hatched the idea of organizing enough users to bring the whole network down by maxing their bandwidth at the same time.

We’re not quite sure what to think about this. Our friend Google told us that there’s plenty of press already out there regarding Operation Chokehold so it’s not beyond comprehension that this could have an effect on the network. On the other hand, AT&T already knows about it and we’d wager they’re working on a plan to mitigate any outages that might occur.

As for the effectiveness of the message?  We’d have more sympathy for AT&T if they didn’t have exclusivity contracts for their smart phones (most notably the iPhone). And if you’re selling an “Unlimited Plan” it should be just that. What do you think?

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81 thoughts on “Fanboys Want To Take AT&T Down

  1. >>chalkbored: How is proving AT&T’s point for them going to help?

    Thanks chalkbored. This *seems* like an obvious point, but nobody seems to mention it.

    1) ATT: we need to put on limits to protect the majority of users against smartphone users

    2) Angry Smartphone Users: let’s abuse the network and take it down

    3) ATT: see! we were right

  2. AT&T oversold the bandwidth so massively that it is impacting the bread-and-butter phone users on their network, too.

    I don’t even HAVE a smartphone, but even my normal service was affected to the point of being unusable.

    After 10+ years I just dropped AT&T. I actually expect my phone to ring when people phone me, call me picky.

  3. @zac people will be using arduino’s to control servos to press multiple enter buttons on a bunch of phones at the same time…happy? :)

    as for bringing down at&t, i always thought this wasn’t exactly a hard task to do, just run an event like ces and watch the network suffer

  4. So when it was time to show disagreement with apple at&t idea about contract by not buying a product , people did opposite, making hype over mp3 player with build in cellphone data modem, which not even qualify to be called a communicator, making it into god like machine, and now they unhappy? Suck it up it, you own fault.

  5. >>stunmonkey
    >>After 10+ years I just dropped AT&T.

    Now THAT’s how you get the message across. Everybody DROPS THEIR AT&T SERVICE on Friday.

    Guaranteed to get their attention.

    A coordinated bandwidth suck (DDOS) just proves their point and gives them the excuse to tighten limits more.

    There are other carriers, and cool as the iPhone is the others are catching up nicely.

  6. I also have had issues with being unable to use my service within the “coverage area” with AT&T. 1 bar max in areas that are “covered” does not make for good service. And being unable to send MMS in some “covered” areas is also not good service.

  7. Everybody needs to pay close attention. The cause of this as well as the solution is very simple. It’s about the money.

    The highest form of martial arts is the art of turning an enemy into a friend. Use this ideaology.

    If I make a car engine that runs on water and say “haha oil companies now I will put you out of business”, they will use their resources to try and stop me. On the other hand, if I find a way to make it profitable for them as well, I am sure to succeed at getting it on the market and make a lot of money.

    The same is true in any major business. Find a way to make it substantially profitabe for the ISP (ANY ISP) to truely provide unlimited bandwidth and it will happen.

    If you are unable to think of a way to make it profitable for them, then find a way to make it profitable for their competators and/or for congress to make a law requiring it, and it will happen.

    You have to think outside of the box.

  8. It says unlimited* plan. If you see the the asterisk then you should always look at what it means. Walk in any store, at the bottom of the page in smaller but still legible font it says limited to 5Gig per month.

    I don’t like AT&T but it is the same as Verizon or whoever when they all have the *. Also before I signed up I asked if this means all I want and they said no limited to 5 Gig. Ask next time.

    Since I like my slingbox and watch a lot of my tv on my phone when traveling or in boring meetings the 5 gigs is easy to hit. They is why I have AT&T and Verizon and they both over charge and cap.


    Shame on you HACK A DAY
    shame on “Mike Szczys” for posting this story.
    This is news that should be read on a news site like Digg or SlashDot

  10. @Mark Baier

    If unlimited isn’t unlimited then it shouldn’t be called unlimited. See? Call it a 5GB plan. 98% of people don’t use anywhere near that anyways. They already classify voice plans by minutes; I don’t understand why they don’t specify data plans. It pisses off the users and causes problems for the network.

  11. I don’t think that this will go the way they think it will go. That is if it even happens at all. AT&T will more likely use this as a reason why they should be allow to impose a bandwidth limitation. This would get a lot more people on there side, and deter other cell phone companies from even thinking getting the iPhone. I don’t think that I need to go further on what harm this might cause. As others have all ready mention, the best plan would be to take your money else where and give up your iPhone. If you do want to keep the iPhone; then I would suggest trying to find a way to hack it to use it on another network. Getting a community together would accomplish a lot more even if it turns out to be totally imposable. If the word gets out that then it could put pressure on AT&T and Steve Jobs. Maybe even allow the iPhone provided by other cell phone companies. I heard that Verizon is getting the iPhone at some point next year. We need to let AT&T know that if they want to keep the iPhone exclusive then they need to stop punishing all of their customers. The iPhone is big right know and maybe the key.

    I think this is the perfect place to start. ;)

  12. The problem with the idea of people just dropping service is this; people are under contract.
    Unconscionable contracts, but contracts nonetheless.

    Don’t count of the government to act against AT&T – its job is to protect its corporate interests.

    People can’t just cancel, even for breach of contract, as AT&T decides what part of the contracts they want to change or enforce at their whim, and how many termination fees to apply.

    Fail to pay those, the government and courts WILL become involved – to force you to pay AT&T.

    This is in essence a big extortion racket backed by the biggest 800-pound gorilla of them all, whether AT&T actually delivers any service or not.

    Be happy with what little they give you serfs.

  13. Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited.

    If iphone users are utilizing an unfair share of bandwidth then they’re going to be throttled. That doesn’t mean that they are no longer unlimited, it simply means that the commodity is not available in sufficient quantities to give everyone the same experience.

    I don’t see how offering an unlimited plan means that every iphone user is entitled to their own personal unlimited bandwidth hotspot. If you want that then pony up for a wimax card or quit your complaining.

  14. @HerpDerp

    “I don’t see how offering an unlimited plan means that every iphone user is entitled to their own personal unlimited bandwidth hotspot.”

    You keep using that word unlimited. I don’t think you know what it means.

  15. @anon

    “It says unlimited* plan. If you see the the asterisk then you should always look at what it means. Walk in any store, at the bottom of the page in smaller but still legible font it says limited to 5Gig per month.”

    “Unlimited has not meant Unlimited even since the dark days of Dial up … and yes it sucked back then as well”

    “unlimited means unlimited? Unlimited has NEVER EVER EVER in the history of advertising meant unlimited.”

    Proof that an antonym can mean the same as their word it’s in opposition to. Bravo. We’re now steps closer to becoming mind-less idiots. Time for tin-foil.

  16. I support data limits. I’m in Australia where there are no “unlimited” data plans (that I know of).

    I have a 1GB/month limit and I work with that. If I need more than that then I can change my agreement.

    (I don’t support them changing existing contracts that were sold on the ‘unlimited’ offer)

    The network has a finite amount of bandwidth. If there is no cost to using it all up then effectively it isn’t being managed at all.

    I would far rather have a limit and know that the network is reasonably available whenever I need it.

  17. hack a day just lost several places in my favourites. what the fuck, man? this is one of the few places on the internet that wasn’t filled with gossipy bullshit.

    next thing youll be posting about britney spears’s new hairdo.

    nobody gives a flying fuck if you have a problem with your phone company. but i will be laughing when they terminate your contract and force you to pay it out thanks to your amatuer DDOS attempt.

  18. History Lesson Time- FidoNet:

    IIRC there were cases of Tariff suits over using POTS for FidoNet links despite there being clearly zero “cause” for the filings. As someone above said- yeah, I’m that old:)

    But the same situation then & now applies. A service provider sells us Hackers -or even mundane customers a “service” and we get flogged for using it in a fashion that does not prima facie violate “rules”..

    I call the “unlimited” scamming akin to a buffet with a 1 plate limit but no sign on the door telling you that.

  19. so like, did at&t even notice it happening?
    by the way all, i know this is completely unrelated
    google chrome os is made to run on arm x86 x64 and arm
    the psp runs a arm9 chip

    somone wanna do somthing with it? :D

  20. @Steve
    Not sure what service you are using for broadband in UK, but I get a great service, downloading at will and never been maxed out in terms of total monthly bandwidth. And still get great speeds on rapidshare

    Also, our mobile deals are hugely different to the USA.

    We get to use any phone we choose on our sim, they get tied down to one phone. You cannot put your sim in a new phone, it will be cancelled. Here you can buy and sell your phone and do what you like with your sim. As far as I can see we have it massively easier here in the UK, still can get 12 month contracts, and even rolling 30day ones. Plus, as we are a hugely smaller country that the massive US of A, we can pretty Damn hot connectivity country wide.

  21. all we had to was wait for new years and watch there network get slammed in the central FL. area nothing like having text showing up 3 and 4 hours late. It was really fun having my phone going off all night and into the morning because ATT cant manage to move text at an acceptable time frame. I pay for unlimited data and an extra bump in money for text messaging and yet they complain that we use to much bandwidth that we pay for even though they cant provide the quality service they advertise and sell.

  22. lol reaper same shit happened in Mississippi. thought my phone finally crapped out on me but then i posted something on facebook and everybody with ATT was like yea me too. then i thought about this plan to bring ATT down and figured they must have settled on New Years Eve lol.
    Welcome to the year: A.D. MMX :D

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