XeXLoader Reminds Us Of Xbox Glory Days

The newest version of XeXLoader boasts a pretty slick GUI. This is a homebrew loader for the Xbox 360. Don’t get your hopes up, it requires an older kernel and you’re not getting on Xbox Live if you do this hack.

But think back to when the original Xbox was first hacked. Watching the XeXLoader (after the break) sends us back to the days of EvolutionX. Sure there wasn’t much that could be done in those early days (other than pirate games), but that slowly changed with the hard work of a lot of developers. XBMC came out of those first steps and became the greatest media software ever to grace your television. The GUI work here may be more beginning steps in another great community-driven legacy.


8 thoughts on “XeXLoader Reminds Us Of Xbox Glory Days

  1. It is great these loaders are available these days, unfortunately not all dashboards/kernels are vulnerable. It would be REALLY great if they found a new vulnerability in the newer kernels. This would mean anyone with an x360 can play homebrew, which isn’t the case just yet.

    Way to go to the coders of XeXloader, thats for sure.

  2. Problem is the xbox360 is overpriced junky cooling design. for $200.00 I can get a ASUS small pc that wont burn it’s self up, and run XBMC better than the xbox360 can. plus I can use xbox360 wireless controllers to play all my emulator games.

    xbox360 hacking does not happen because there are better and cheaper platforms out there that DONT need to be hacked to do cool stuff.

    Dont get me wrong, I just bought another xbox360 to replace my 3rd fried unit. I love the games, I hade the really badly designed hardware.

  3. I have a newer xbox (my second) so I cannot partake in this glory. But I do want to thank the hackers that make stuff like this possible. While I am not doing anything great by following their instructions – I have learned enough to start a career. If it wasn’t for stuff like this, I probably would never have had an interest in computers to begin with.

  4. Just to point out, the fine work of the xexloader and xbreboot teams [and other HB devs] doesn’t get far without the amazing work of the JTAG exploit [ http://www.free60.org/JTAG_Hack ].

    Technical Details [ http://free60.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=free60/tools;a=blob_plain;f=imgbuild/hack.txt;hb=HEAD ]

    CREDITS [from the above link]:
    “A lot. First, thanks to all of you which have been working on Xbox 360
    reverse engineering. Thanks to everybody involved in technical discussions
    on xboxhacker.net.

    (in order of appearance)
    recovery of CB1920 by robinsod,
    initial JTAG reverse enginneering by tmbinc,
    getting important facts straight by SeventhSon,
    first description of how it worked out by Martin_sw,
    SMC JTAG code, lots of testing and debugging by Tiros,
    jester, for proofreading of this document”

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