xbox mod chips

xbox chips

with xboxes being so cheap, there’s no reason not to get one _just_ to mod. but if you can’t or don’t want to solder stuff, there are a lot of solderless mod chips and a lot of ways to do it. here’s one way


  1. Sammy says:

    I would like to now where to get 1 in england and no how to make one but i cant find any circit diagrams or how toos so can u tell me where i can get 1 or can make 1

  2. Brad says:

    k yeha i got this problem with my already modified xbox,the problem is that i have a few games already copied into it and now my tray wont open for some reason.After a few days of being inactive it will but after about 10 minutes of playing the some problem occurs.
    If anyone can help just send me an email at…thanks

  3. john says:

    Ok i would reallly likr to know how to hack and to hack xboxes and modify maps.can anyone tell me

  4. JAMES says:

    My xbox has a major problem, it will play my music, some dvd’s, however when an xbox game is inserted it tells me that it is not a compatible disc and to insert an xbox game or dvd movie. any ideas how to fix the problem without sending it back to sony

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