CES: Haier Wireless TV


We received a couple requests via email to get a look at Haier’s wireless TV. They used both wireless power and WHDI to show off a zero wire concept. Sure, the giant 2001: A Space Odyssey looking monolith behind it is a bit imposing, but for something that could be embedded into a wall, we’re pretty impressed. Wireless power is a big thing here, and we cant wait for hackers to take up the reins and integrate this into some consumer products.

[Nick]- There are a few companies here that are pushing wireless power products, but this definitely one of the cooler implementations that we’ve seen.

12 thoughts on “CES: Haier Wireless TV

  1. not to be too picky, but if you are embedding it in the wall, why not just run the cables in the wall and then out to the tv? same visual effect, more flexibility, less likely to cause interference problems.

  2. hmm, personally I have always thought this is a pretty pointless development in anything above charging mobile phones and elecric toothbrushes really, I mean what benefit is there in having this? no trailing “nasty horrible cable”? disasvantages? huge transmitter of power that will more than likely steralise you and cause every wireless device wihin a mile radius to die.

    Witchcraft imo…

  3. Agreed… interesting concept, but would never be implemented. A wireless anything is really only useful if you’re frequently moving the object (i.e. mouse, headphones, etc). I had the same issue with a wireless trackball mouse I had. Since it’s a trackball, and it doesn’t move around on the desk, what is the point of making it wireless?

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