The Pololu 3 Servo Hexapod


Here’s a great tutorial on how to make a tiny hexapod walker. While this was written specifically for a kit that is sold by pololu, we like the simple layout. You could implement your own electronics if you prefer something else.  If you want to follow along with their components, you’ll end up with a fairly small and decently agile hexapod. Sure the legs aren’t articulated at every joint, but  the effect is workable. This is probably the first 3 servo walking hexapod we’ve encountered and we’ve seen a pretty decent amount of hexapods.

[Via HackedGadgets]

14 thoughts on “The Pololu 3 Servo Hexapod

  1. Sweet! I want to make one now, but I think I have enough parts already (minus the servos). Is there any simple way to have three servos controlled by an Attiny24v? It only has one 16-bit timer with two PWM channels, so I don’t know what to do.

  2. geeklord,
    Let’s say your servo requires a pulse every 20 ms. Set a timer to trigger an interrupt every 20 ms. When that interrupt triggers, start the pulse to each servo. Now, you have three events that you want to trigger – let’s say the first happens in x ms, the next in y ms, the last in z ms. Set the timer interrupt to trigger in x ms. When that triggers, set the next one to trigger in y-x ms. When that triggers, set the next one to trigger in z-y-x ms. When each one triggers, end the pulse to that servo.

  3. Is it just me, or could this be done with 2 servos? It seems like 2 of the servos mirror each other, would it be much more inefficient to just attach four of the legs to one servo?

    I gotta try this when my AVR ICSP gets here…

  4. Jim, does it not count as a hack because I did it at work? Pololu sells most of the parts, but the hexapod itself is not one of our products. Yours is pretty nice, by the way – a much more advanced project than mine.

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