The Most Complicated, And Simplest Binary Clocks.

We were going to take a break from posting clocks. Really we were. This one came in the tip line today though, and we just couldn’t pass it up. [Alex] has built, what might be the most complicated clock we’ve seen. At least, it would appear that way initially. This Binary clock shows Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Days, and Months. He started with a picaxe, but eventually settled on an Mbed. Yes, he knows it is overkill, but it worked out pretty well.

As for the simplest, that came into our tip line as well. [Toby] sent this in, and agrees with us that it is hardly worthy of being called a hack. However, in light of the complicated one above, we didn’t see any harm in posting its opposite. Check it out after the break.

That’s right, he just printed a new face. Like we said, it doesn’t get much simpler.

19 thoughts on “The Most Complicated, And Simplest Binary Clocks.

  1. For those still trying to figure out how the read it…

    Per the YouTube video the format is:


    The LSB is on the right and high bits are strangely represented by UNLIT LEDs.

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