Android G1 Serial To Arduino

With the ability to get root access to some of these new powerful pieces of hardware we call cell phones, we’re a bit surprised we haven’t seen more interfacing with external hardware. Here’s an example of some rudimentary connections between an Android G1 and an Arduino. To do this, you must have your G1 rooted, have the Android SDK installed, and then a custom python program running.  There is also a simple level shifter from 3.3v to 5v necessary for the connection to the Arduino.  You can get all the details from the instructable. They’ve documented the process quite well adn we’re excited to see what kinds of stuff people come up with.

16 thoughts on “Android G1 Serial To Arduino

    I have been wanting to use the serial output and even have the little plug from sparkfun for it, but i found that android has ZERO libraries for using the serial!
    I can write android apps, but know nothing about python. Is there some way that people could make this into a library for use with regular android Java?

  2. Btw you misspelled the last “and”, writer of the article.

    Yes, the iPhone does have a serial port. One pin on the connecter is TX, another is RX. It’s pretty much what accessories use to connect to the iPhone and iPods, which also have it.

  3. If you don’t want to mess with the firmware on your phone you could just get a BlueSMiRF. Native support with android 2.0+

    …of course that’s not as cool or reliable as what you got there

  4. Does anybody have an idea how to make the G1 boot after “power failure”? Usually you have ti hold the power-button e.g. after replacing the battery to make the phone boot, but I need a solution without “hands on” …

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