iPhone serial access tutorial

[TheRain] sent in his tutorial on using the iPhone’s serial port. Apparently there’s a hardware trick required to enable two way communication. Whatever device is attached to the iPhone needs a secret handshake to get things talking both ways. Once the serial ground has been strobed high to low in the proper order, things will work like normal.


  1. treegezer says:

    Bluetooth/extended battery sled with built in mic would be the next logical step. No?

  2. Nick says:

    No. iPhone already has bluetooth and a mic….

  3. ksmith says:

    Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know if there’s a way to circumvent the idiotic block on video out on iPod classics? I’m using a dock breakout box to make my own super-dock, and obviously I don’t have access to apple’s autorization chip to unlock the video out.

  4. treegezer says:

    Sorry for not being specific. I was thinking of the Touch. The serial interface probably requires same type of handshake.

  5. jbr says:

    How about a device for the touch that adds bluetooth, a gsm phone, a camera, and a mic. They could call it… The iPhone!

    Hey, some of that could actually work. Now I want one for my touch.

  6. fai says:

    next logical step is…..

    ill tell you guys when i am finished on friday or next week….

    hint: N…M…E…A…

  7. joe says:

    fai:i’ve already done it. just waitin until a buddy finishes the ui.

  8. fai says:

    sweet, i am pretty much done using std nmea tools, just making it presentable. a ready made UI would be awesome

    where will it be posted?

  9. the_fozz says:

    someone has already made a mic dock for the touch, and intends to use it for VoIP through WiFi, brilliant, if you ask me, some people are always near a wifi network, so why pay for cell service?

  10. Shabby says:

    Informated Article… Appreciated!

  11. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Now all we need is for someone to make this iPhone GPS thing talk to Google Maps so you can find out where you are and such.

  12. Lucas says:

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

  13. phonejammer says:

    check out this cool product to jamm cell phone calls


  14. Malcolm says:


    Anyone hack the bluetooth for file transfer?

  15. Priya says:

    I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one.

  16. Ajay says:

    Hi can anyone help me to transfer serial data through bluetooth??it would be really appreciated!!!

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