Running Bleeding Edge On Nexus One

We like to run the newest software available. We often encounter problems and things that don’t work because of this, but with open source that just give you the opportunity to contribute and make the package better. Now you can take the fun and daring of bleeding edge to your phone by installing the latest Linux kernel on the Nexus One. [Jon Lech Johansen] wrote up that eight step process to install 2.6.32, which should take you just minutes if you already have the Android SDK installed. If you don’t what are you waiting for?

14 thoughts on “Running Bleeding Edge On Nexus One

  1. This site consistently posts great articles… but what’s with all the first-person-plural? “We like”… “We encounter”. It’s stilted. My $.02: stick with “I”, since there’s only one name on the byline. Or maybe go all Economist-style and switch to “your correspondent” :)

  2. I tried to suggest to make magazine that the iPhone and the iPad were anti-makers and they wouldn’t publish my comments. Probably because they hate freedom and ORielly is making bank off of iphone books.

    Regardless! I like the article and the use of Nexus one is imbued with freedom. This is very important, they allow you freedom, you don’t have to go working hard to get it and even better they aren’t going to bludgeon you with the DMCA for trying to use hardware you purchased!

    Hooray for your consumer choice of buying a device that allows you to have freedom! You could’ve chosen something else, but you wouldn’t have freedom, in fact if you were a developer you’d be a second class citizen.

    Hacking is fun and great til you trip over the DMCA and Apple sues you, hooray for free alternatives!

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