Basement fusion reactor

Do you ever wonder what projects your neighbors have going on in their basements? [Will Jack’s] neighbors might be surprised to find he’s building a fusion reactor. The first step toward completing a Farsworth-Hirsch Fusor is up and running. The picture above shows heated plasma contained in a magnetic field. Next he just needs to up the voltage and inject some deuterium.

Yeah right! Deuterium, aka heavy water, is extremely rare and very difficult to refine. If you’re not familiar with the substance, you should get your hands on the NOVA episode: Hitler’s Sunken Secrets.

We’re glad to see that [Will Jack] is donning a lead vest for protections.  [Will O’Brien] cautioned us about the stray X-rays these things produce when he covered fusors back in 2007.

103 thoughts on “Basement fusion reactor


    here is a place that has detail plans to make a top of the line reactor for yourself…. its all lade out with step by step pics. its all made out of stuf you can buy at your hardwear store. and at your electronic store. this was made at a tec school in ,ga… the test are verry impresive.. but they have the most problems with keeping it calcium has been use in reactors to if this helps with the “more dense” quesion….oh and you can buy a wrist wach in america with tritium tubes in it but they are stick with the betta lights or if you need alot them id say go with the exit sighn tubes.. they are exspensive but worth your $. just make sure its not old and used up. after all most of them only have 10-20 year half life.

  2. Err… I don’t know if anyone still comments here, but… I need to build a plasma generator (that generates plasma; not a generator that works from fusion.), that can quickly produce large amounts of it, and, when a certain mechanism is used, can move this plasma into a separate vacuum chamber. Unfortunately, I don’t have alot of space to work in, nor tons of money for supplies. If anyone has a simple, straight-forward answer to my question (without starting a huge discussion on ethics and radiation), I would very much appreciate it.

  3. Is this the same guy called Farnsworth from Futurama?

    But seriously, this should really be cloak and dagger stuff.

    If anyone actually achieves fusion, death will follow. Either the neighbourhood will die from the resulting energy release (E=Mc2) or the inventor will be wasted by the energy companies and petroleum industry.

    But I’m fascinated by anything like this.

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