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Follow along with [Victor] through the journey of building a life size replica of R2D2. While you may not be able to scrape too many specific details from the video, it is still great to see the project progress from his first cut to the finished product as well as some fun little outings. His R2 looks absolutely impeccable and he deserves dome credit for taking it to places to show kids. We would have probably just found interesting ways for it to bring us beers.

[via Makezine]

21 thoughts on “R2D2 Build Video

  1. I have a lot of respect for the fact that he has spent as much time as he has visiting kids, hospitals, and so forth — what an incredible way to brighten up some days. And pictures with George Lucas? AWESOME.

  2. Hey guys,
    There is an R2-D2 building club where members do small production runs of domes, skins, lights. Not to bash his efforts at all – but some pieces were bought to finish this build.

  3. It’s funny how George looks in the picture with R2. It’s like he can’t stand being next to the droid. Does George Lucas hate R2-D2?

    On a more practical note, how does this build compare with the actual movie build? anyone have any insights? I can’t imagine this much work going into the original movie prop, considering time and budget and whatnot.

  4. I’ve met Victor and Mike, and have seen a few droids now. They’ve both built outstanding droids (2 each now), and they’re immaculate in details! Hit up Astromech.net and look through the galleries and droid registry! These guys get called BY Lucas to do official appearances, so you know they’re doing it right. I only hope my R5 droids come out as nice (starting my builds next week after much research!)

  5. The bare metal main cylindrical piece (with the dozens of cut-outs) is an absolute work of art on it’s own. Amazing craftsmanship throughout the build.

    How did he manage to avoid scratching and scuffing the exterior over such a long construction period?

    Tremendous work.

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