Twittering Pub Hanging

There’s nothing groundbreaking about this hack, called the TweetWall, but the craftsmanship is gorgeous! [Yergacheffe] had access to the right tools; an epilog laser and a thermoplastic bender (an item we didn’t know we needed until now… thanks a lot). It has the usual bits you’d expect in a Twitter ticker, an LED matrix and an Arduino. There is also an OLED screen that displays the avatar of the current Twitter feed. Because data is transferred over a serial connection the SD slot on that screen is used to cache images which helps to keeps the messages coming without delay. The end product is quite good, we’d expect to see it hanging on the wall of the pub down the street.

19 thoughts on “Twittering Pub Hanging

  1. My dog has been chewing up the moldings around the door to the kitchen. I found huge pieces of plastic that I’ve cut to size and bent with a heat gun. The pieces are 42″ tall and the bent parts are about 1″ long to wrap around the moldings. Does anyone know how I can make a long (48″) plastic bender? Tap sells one, but it’s only 36″ and I want to make the bend all in one piece… here’s Tap’s product. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. @lee use heat tape for element. You wrap it around pipes to keep them from freezing and come in much longer lengths. You can buy them at any home improvement store. Just be careful as it can get really hot!

  3. I understand why people hate twitter, but is very useful for conferences and such. This is a well done “hack” if you could call it that. This would be more useful in a pub if it were the vodka bottle with LED tweeting shots poured or something.

  4. Kind of surprised by all the Twitter hostility/trolling. You’re responsible for your own Twitter experience. Follow idiots and your experience will suck. Follow interesting and smart people, like I do, and you’ll be first to know about a lot of great projects and relevant news items. For example, I knew about this project long before it was on Hackaday because I already follow yergacheffe.

    Regarding the project…awesome job! Glad to see some ShiftBrites in there :). Also, I love how everyone was so upset about Twitter they forgot to complain about the Arduino.

  5. I think it wants a lowercase font as the UPPERCASE isn’t the most pleasing thing. Apart from that I like it. I personally don’t use twitter becuase I get enough stuff sent to me as it is…

    The sure matrix boards are great though. I need to buy myself a few more.


  6. Could anyone explain to me the point? I think the craftsmanship is great, cool integration of a live web feed into a decorative “thing”.

    But could someone explain to me what tweets it is “supposed” to display, and how those are useful to the patrons of a pub?

    Do people send messages “to” the pub goers? Or what?

  7. i’ve seen similar things at clubs, except it rolls off sms’ sent. The crap thing is they go to a company who check them off. Therefore there can be a huge delay before you see your messages.

  8. There are in my opinion stupid uses of twitter, however I wouldn’t call twitter itself stupid. Twitter is a tool, calling it stupid would be like calling some other tool you don’t have use for stupid. Anyway it would be interesting to hang this in a pub, just to who would send a tweet, and what they would tweet. My guess it would be Mrs. Smith advising Mr. Smith to pack it up and get one home.

  9. Hackaday not knowing you needed a hotwire bender, tisk tisk! Probably the very first tool i used in CDT.

    Also twitter haters are already posting tweets here anyhoo, Ha Ha stick that in your troll pipe and smoke it!

  10. I’m one of those who thinks twitter is retarded, but the mentality of it fits so well with the bar / club scene that these two are a perfect match, therefore this is a win.

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