IPhone 3.1.3 Unteathered Jailbreak

A method to Jailbreak the new 3.1.3 iPhone rom is here and it does away with tethering. Tethering is the problem that arose from the blackra1n exploit requiring a computer to reboot the iPhone. Although we saw a hardware workaround for that, it’s much nicer to do away with the issue completely. The new exploit is called Spirit and we found the site was getting hammered earlier so you should check out the writeup over at Redmond Pie if you can’t get through with the link at the top.

[Thanks Xb0xGuru via iPhone Hacks]

39 thoughts on “IPhone 3.1.3 Unteathered Jailbreak

  1. why does apple bother trying to prevent their phones from being jailbroken if they know it is just going to be a couple of weeks before somebody circumvents whatever new restriction they have placed onto it.

    If you keep the current security system it will prevent a large number of people who are either too incompetent or too stupid to jailbreak it, everyone else will just go without updates for a couple of weeks until the latest version is released.

  2. absolutely beautiful program. could not be easier. only one button to press, (after setting it to 98 compatibility) and it was fully jailbroken in 2 minutes.

  3. im shocked there are not more posts here yet. i bought a 3g iphone just a few months back and was dissapointed that the jb was not out yet. i ran this last night , had minor problems , re tried today and it worked flawlessly. very easy to use. nice program.


  4. @OLD

    maybe they like to wait until a decent write-up is available online (also the update that didn’t delete all photos from the iPhone was just released today, maybe the wanted to wait for a working release). Stop whining and start HACKING!!!

  5. did it

    super easy!

    i think i speak for all of us when i say … shut the fuck up and take what you get… beggars cant be choosers so why dont you make your own blog

  6. I believe the tethered one requires you to have the phone plugged in via USB to a computer to reboot or restart… (I think) and untethered, obviously the opposite, can be rebooted away from a machine with no issue…

    Someone else can probably explain it better than I though.

  7. Edit much? Tethered is not a hard word to spell, and you are *writers*. With that comes spelling. You guys are usually great, but three mistakes in two weeks is kind of problematic.

  8. Could have saved the exploit until 4.0, it’s only a month away really.

    It’s good to see how quickly stuff is being created for the ipad. need that international release

  9. Hell yeah! My iPhone 3gs is working again :D but I still want to change for one nokia n900 :P
    Suggestion: some tutorials about iPhone OS (using cydia of course) and electronics, like control a step motor using the iPhone.

  10. @OLD- not to fan the flames but I submitted this to HaD on the day it was announced (3rd May). If you saw it released 2 days prior then perhaps you should have submitted it instead of bitching?

    Shayneox – the base band is only important if you’re unlocking the phone for other mobile carriers. I can confirm this works with the new boot rom (iBoot-359.3.2) which is why it’s such big news. I know there are people running JB’d 3GSs on 3.1.3 but their Boot ROM would have been older.

  11. I jailbroke my 32gb IPOD Touch 3rd gen with Spirit. Worked like a dream. Pretty awesome peice of software.

    If I understand correctly I believe the 3.1.3 ROM had an exploit that very likely wouldnt exist in the 4.0 firmware. Hence the release of the Spirit Jailbreak.

  12. @Shayneox,

    Confirmed on a 32GB 3G at 3.1.3.

    I actually had to upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 to get firmware umbrella to work first. Firmware umbrella (goog for it) will back up the SHSH blobs. These are a hack iTunes uses to verify that the firmware iTunes is about to update the phone with is “current”. (It wouldn’t let me back up 3.1.2 first because it’s no longer current.)

    By keeping a copy of the authorizations on your hard disk, you know that when the next “unjailbreakable” firmware revision comes out you will still be able to downgrade back to 3.1.3 and rerun spirit.

  13. The JB works, it’s as easy as blackra1n. You will have to upgrade your installous as the older versions will not install cracked .ipa’s.

    IPT 3g
    3.1.2 – 3.1.3

  14. Wonder if we need to connect the iphone to itunes again to reboot incase the phone accidentally shut down. Any one got any idea ? Cos if i am not wrong blackrain have this issue. My phone is the newest bootrom and running on 3.13 btw

  15. As of 10AM US Central Time, I’ve got news that they now have a crack for 3.1.3 with 5.12.1 Firmwares going around Asia. Chinese electronic communities and GreenHills Shopping Mall in Manila (Cell Phone mecca) shops are back in da biz of unlocking service for iPhones for 2G,3G & 3GS.
    Maybe some of you guys can start searching and find the sites and threads. LET’S START SEARCHING FOR AMERICA THEN!

  16. i wanted to share this with everyone redsnow works great with the iphone 3.1.3 and you can start the process of jailbreaking without using the itunes software .
    which made me so relaxed after spending so much time on line .

  17. I used snowbreeze to jailbreak and got an error. Itunes then tried to upgrade to OS 4 and now my Iphone is giving me 3194 error message.

    I am not not abl to do anything with iphone, what do you suggest I should do?

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