Nerf Sentry Turret

With exams behind him [Adam Greig] had time to make a Nerf sentry gun. It’s actually quite easy to pull everything together. He’s got a netbook running Motion, an open source motion sensing program for use with a webcam. When movement is detected an Arduino, connected via a USB cable, actuates a servo to pull the trigger of the gun. The turret itself has seen a battery upgrade that increases the firing speed. It’s fun to see hardware prototyping done with a few pencils and a fist full of cable ties. Check it out after the break.

This particular toy, the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan, has become quite a popular starting point for turrent projects. We’ve seen one that uses a motorized base, and another that was part of a final project at Cornell.



15 thoughts on “Nerf Sentry Turret

  1. This “Motion” library must not be very good — or else not hooked up right, cause in that first video, it’s shooting at a stationary door.

    Also… can it not aim? Why does it sound like a portal gun? Those guns could aim!

  2. Awesomeness, now just make it a paintball gun with a hella big tank, and give it the ability to rotate in 2D (updown/leftright). nice start and I love the voice.

  3. Nice… but for future reference, unless you’re speaking entirely to 13 year old HL players (or Tribes back in the day) “turret” doesn’t have an ‘N’ in it.

  4. I’ve reviewed many Nerf guns before but this modified turret is just awesome, ive never seen one like that before! Keep up the good work, try to modify a nerf sniper rifle too! Thats my favorite gun, it would be awesome.

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