Arc Reactor Replica

This Arc Reactor is a great re-creation of the fictional source of Iron Man’s power. It’s really just a holder for a bunch of LED’s, but it exhibits some fine craftsmanship which we enjoy in any project. This rendition is much more true to the movie than the last look-a-like we saw. These might end up being for sale (the webpage narrative is kind of weird) but you really shouldn’t be wearing this kind of thing around unless you made it yourself, or if you can add it to some kind of Iron Man simulator.

[Thanks Cr8vie]

17 thoughts on “Arc Reactor Replica

  1. How is this not a hack? Its got great construction and getting the LEDs and wiring done is itself a hack. Hacking isn’t just taking stuff that’s already made and changing it, its also making things from scratch even if its just for the cool factor.

  2. @ Michael: In much the same way that buying fabric and thread and making a dress is hacking, yes. That is to say, no. This is a project not a hack, but it is pretty neat.

    Anybody that comes here looking for only modified consumer products to be featured either hasn’t been around very long or hasn’t been paying attention. If the site was named “BumholezToday” but with the same content, people would complain about the lack of anus…

  3. crap! i made a decent arc reactor a couple years ago after the first movie, and never posted it! this one is better than mine though – I’ve been beat!

    and @Ryan … I hate to be the first one to point this out, but your comment isn’t really a hack, and it would disappoint anyone who wasn’t a jagoff.

    Can we quit with the “This is not a hack” comments already?

  4. “This Arc Reactor is a great re-creation of the fictional source of Iron Man’s power. … but you really shouldn’t be wearing this kind of thing around unless you made it yourself”
    of course not. That would be like trying to fly with a Batman cape.
    An Arc Reactor made by someone else is the source of Iron Monger’s power.

    Everone knows Iron Man’s power source is a DIY Arc Reactor. :D

  5. Here’s the difference between real “Hackers” and Trolls.

    Hackers show sincere appreciation for what went into “making something” and we don’t search for ways to fabricate disrespect. The fact is- Hacking needs to be inclusive instead of exclusionary.

    The person who makes an “Artsy” realm object is not one whit less a Hacker than any other of us. In fact, it’s often proof of more sincere desire to *LEARN* tech skills. Many Artistic folks get into Hacking from their first Blinkenlight “Throwie” encounter. Do we really want to alienate ANYONE showing a desire to become a Hacker?

    The folks who post flaming/hating/disrespecting crud are a stain on Hackerdom’s Karma.

    If folks post Trolling/Disrespectful catty “not a hack” comments it only shows the troll for what they are- and it risks having Hackerdom viewed as dishonorable.

    Think before posting.. Please?

  6. @Oren Beck

    well said. doubt it’ll do any good with the lack of personal responsibility now days, but it’s worth a shot.

    as for the prop replica… awesome job. I want the triangle one though (less death from palladium)

  7. @jh: It’s the internet. None of the trolls/haterz would say any of their shit to your face, but the space and relative anonymity allows us to all be douches. c.f. the “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory”, as searched on Google.

  8. Ugh sorry I trolled guys I’ll try not to post right when I wake up as I am not a morning person. @Oren: Yes completely agreed. This is admittedly really cool and i just read the writeup and yea not bad I just spoke w/out thinking as many do on the interwebs. I apologize again, thank you hackaday for giving me the site i check multiple times a day religiously.

  9. If you just want to light your tshirt up, a piece of packing polystyrene (the stuff that doesn’t turn into a million beads when you cut it) shaped into a circle with LEDs behind and black tape on the top works well – so long as you don’t show anyone the actual light.

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